Bayards, the Dutch aluminium construction company, is proud to announce the opening of its Houston office as from April 2010. By establishing this office Bayards aims to serve its clients in the Gulf region.

“We are very proud that we can finally take part in the largest and oldest offshore industry,” said Tristan Mackintosh, area manager, North America.

Over the last 25 years Bayards has become a well-known supplier to the international offshore and marine industry for helicopter platforms. The helideck structures are offered as custom-made projects and outfitted with the newest technology of fire fighting, lighting and refuelling systems. Apart from helidecks, Bayards engineers and constructs other offshore structures, such as sections of accommodation units, stair towers and antenna modules.

Bayards has hit the ground running in the US as it has already been awarded two large helideck projects. For the prestigious Sakhalin platform, currently being executed by EPC contractor Worley Parsons located just off Russia’s east coast, Bayards will deliver an aluminium helideck including support structure. The complete helideck structure is engineered for severe environmental conditions, such as minus 40°C, and at the same time is able to take on the enormous Mil MI-8 Helicopter.

Very recently, Montco Offshore ordered a fully equipped helideck structure for its brand new lift boat. The helideck is suitable for almost all large offshore helicopters and compliant to all international regulations. The helideck helps Montco Offshore to compete with its lift boat operations on the global market.

Bayards aluminium helidecks have proven to be solid platforms for helicopters used in the offshore and marine industry. As aluminium weighs as much as less than 60% of conventional steel, the Bayards helidecks are a perfect solution for platforms with a weight problem, while still competitive to steel. Just as important, the marine-grade alloys have excellenct corrosion resistance and make the structure completely maintenance free. The helideck will surely outlive the platform or vessel.

Even though turnkey delivery is possible, 95% of the helidecks are delivered as a prefabricated assembly kit, assembled on the client’s yard.

“In just 45 years Bayards was built up as it is now – a well-known and respected company for aluminium solutions. I am sure, very soon, the offshore industry in the USA and gulf area will find our Houston office with the same reputation as the mother company,” said Dick de Kluijver, commercial director.