Nass&Wind Industrie and Offshore Foundation Solutions (OFS) have signed a cooperation agreement in the field of floating wind turbine with concrete floating platform.

Already active since January 2015, this cooperation combines the intensive expertise and knowhow of Nass&Wind Industrie in the offshore floating wind sector with that of OFS in the concrete structure design.

Expertise for project owners and technology providers

This agreement is in line with the positioning strategy of Nass&Wind Industrie and OFS for proposing high-value engineering services to projects owners and technology developers looking for designing concrete structure for floating wind platform.

This expertise covers all projects phases, from launching to energisation, and all floating wind turbine subsystems, from anchors to wind turbine integration.

Innovative technological solutions for floating wind system

Nass&Wind Industrie and OFS aim at co-developing innovating concrete solutions for floating wind turbine. Those concepts are based on three main design drivers:

  • Reaching the best performance
  • Maintaining a targeted cost of energy
  • Being suitable for integrating multi-megawatt wind turbine

A key partnership in a strong growth-potential market

With the ongoing tender for floating wind projects launched by the French government in August 2015, floating wind turbine market is an absolute centre of excellence in France with a strong international growth-potential. In this context and with this partnership, Nass&Wind Industrie and OFS are positioning as strategic and key players in the engineering field for floating wind turbine with concrete floating platform.

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