ffi 1700

Hamburg-based offshore engineering specialist HeavyLift@Sea is pleased to present its innovative Floating Foundation Installation Vessel FFI 1700, which has been specially designed to facilitate deep water installation procedures such as large monopiles, jackets and tripods.

With the dimensions of 165m length and 43.5m width, the purpose-built FFI 1700 provides a large 130m-long, unobstructed, high-strength working deck for stowing four extra-large monopiles up to 100m length, 10m diameter and 1,500t weight.

Additional cargo, such as transition pieces, towers etc. is safeguarded on deck. Grouting equipment is stowed below deck. The deadweight of the FFI 1700 is 14.500t.

The FFI 1700 is designed for optimal seagoing capabilities during transit and heavy lift installation work.

The speed of more than 13k is achieved by a diesel-electric propulsion system consisting of three main gensets of 5,000kW, three auxiliary diesel engines of 595kW and three Azimuth-Thrusters of 3,500kW each.

Exact positioning and station keeping is controlled by a DP 2 system in combination with three bow thrusters of 1,750kW each and the Azimuth-Thrusters.

The FFI is equipped with a powerful heavy lift offshore crane of SWL 1,700t making the FFI 1700 destined for heavy lift installation works.

The wire-luffing heavy lift offshore crane is supplied by daughter company Mate@Sea and specified with the following load steps:

  • 1,700t at 12m-30m
  • 1,000t at 12m-50m
  • 500t at 12m-100m

Optionally a second auxiliary crane can be installed for further lifting assistance.

These days the erection of offshore wind farms involves driving large-diameter steel monopiles into the seabed. In the process, the heavy lift offshore crane lifts a pile from deck and lowers it into position.

After positioning, a steam or hydraulic powered hammer piles the monopile into the seabed.

In order to avoid any impermissible inclined position of the pile while hammering, the pile is fixed in vertical position. Therefore the FFI 1700 utilises a pile gripper.

The pile gripper is a pile guidance system that basically consists of a lifting frame welded to the deck and hydraulically driven arms embracing the pile and enabling heavy structural work with precision control.

Furthermore, the FFI 1700 prevents different measures for a satisfactory stay on board:

  • 80 single cabins, including nine single apartments, 70 single cabins and one owner / pilot cabin
  • Different leisure facilities
  • Very little motion of the vessel

HeavyLift@Sea provides an advanced and well thought-out floating foundation installation vessel design that fulfils all the technical and operational requirements to effectively service the stakeholders in the offshore installation market:

  • Optimised deck layout and huge unobstructed working deck
  • Stowage of four monopiles up to 100m in length, four monopiles up to 10m in diameter, additional equipment below deck and TPs, towers etc
  • Powerful offshore crane of SWL 1,700t and outreach of 100m
  • Optional auxiliary crane for added assistance
  • Pile gripper for advanced and secure installation
  • Independence of water depth and sea bed condition
  • Installation work in DP 2 mode

For more information, please contact HeavyLift@Sea via the enquiries form.