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Offshore Solutions, Ship Design, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

HeavyLift@Sea provides design and engineering services for ship and offshore construction. The company, which is based in Hamburg, Germany, is made up of qualified designers, engineers and constructors with over 85 years of combined experience.

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HeavyLift@Sea provides design and engineering services for ship and offshore construction. The company, which is based in Hamburg, Germany, is made up of qualified designers, engineers and constructors with over 85 years of combined experience.

The company has developed a reputation for designing renowned heavy-lift ships, and uses innovative, modern calculation techniques to create any vessel a client requires.

HeavyLift@Sea has specialist engineers for every aspect of ship design, who work together to provide encompassing, highly effective solutions.

Custom ship designs and schematics

Our design service is tailored to each client, but can involve the entire design of a vessel from scratch right up to complete building specifications. HeavyLift@Sea can provide a wide range of general drawings as needed, including:

HeavyLift@Sea is a design and engineering company specialising in ship design and offshore solutions.
A flexible offshore jack-up service and maintenance vessel design, for the supply and maintenance of offshore wind energy plants.
A heavy-lift, multi-purpose dry cargo vessel design, featuring two cargo cranes.
We can provide specific planning services for offshore jobs, including the assessment of dynamic positioning (DP) capabilities.
The company uses computational fluid dynamics to optimise hull form and analyse flow and pressure.
We also use FE calculations for structural optimisation.
  • Tank plan
  • GA plan
  • Working plan
  • Loading plan

If required, HeavyLift@Sea can develop a tender package for any project. We can also develop complete system schematics, as well as single-line diagrams.

Offshore job planning services

For companies undertaking specific offshore jobs, we can provide a complete planning service. As part of this, the company can calculate the ship’s theory across the entire process.

We can also assess a ship’s dynamic positioning capabilities for a specific job.

In some cases, a ship may require additional tools or equipment for an offshore job. HeavyLift@Sea can custom-design tools, lifting or lashing equipment for this purpose, and will ensure that it is tailored to the job in hand.

Ship conversions and upgrades

In addition to designing vessels from scratch, we can also provide conversion and upgrade services. If new capabilities are required of an existing vessel, HeavyLift@Sea can develop innovative ways of adding new elements to the design. We can also provide a vessel’s operational profile, and provide dynamic positioning upgrades as required.

Other conversion services include the addition of scrubbers and the integration of ballast water treatment.

Shipbuilding consulting services

The company also provides consulting services for shipbuilding, which includes the supervision and analysis of inclining tests. We can provide consulting for almost any aspect of offshore and ship construction; please contact us for more information.

Ship optimisation and analysis using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) calculations

HeavyLift@Sea has considerable expertise in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) calculations, which are highly effective for ship design, in particular to efficiently optimise hull form.

CFD calculations are also a highly effective analysis tool, enabling the use of potential methods to analyse global flow and pressure, as well as using viscous methods for local analysis.

Finite element (FE) analysis for structural optimisation

The company also utilises finite element (FE) calculations for a variety of analysis techniques. It is effective for the analysis of global strength, and can also be a useful way to determine local strength for specific details.

This makes FE calculations excellent for the optimisation of both the overall structure, and of specific structural details, enabling complete confidence in the structural integrity of HeavyLift@Sea’s design.

Engineering for cargo

Our engineers can also provide a range of techniques for cargo engineering. We can develop solutions for cargo securing that include detailed cargo securing manual (CSM) solutions. Other applications for cargo engineering include motion-based accelerations and classification society clarification.

Heavy-lift vessel loading and jacked-up operation computer development

HeavyLift@Sea is able to develop loading computers that are specifically designed for a range of offshore and shipping applications. We can develop a loading computer that is uniquely tailored to heavy-lift vessels, and can create specific modules for jacked-up operations.

Such computers will provide detailed assessment of loading parameters, including loss of load.

To find out more about HeavyLift@Sea’s services, or to make an enquiry, please contact us using the details below.

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