Leenaars Marine and Offshore has released a free white paper on Offshore Technology, detailing the company’s range of innovative offshore equipment.

The white paper give information on the movable shear leg gantry crane, rigid shear leg gantry crane, cable lay equipment, wind turbine foundations, cable engines transporter and bull joints flex couplings. It also details Leenaars; systematic series of cranes and their features, including:

  • Vertically-stored boom for survival conditions, saving deck space
  • Maintenance-free sliding bearings in crown and slewing platform
  • Mass production of sheaves winches and bearings, leading to big cost savings and short delivery times
  • Built with normal shipbuilding steel with yield of 355N/sqmm
  • Deepwater capability for the high speed series
  • High-side lead capacity

To download the white paper please click here.