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Offshore Operational Support, Vessel Design and Equipment Engineering

Leenaars Marine & Offshore Design provides creative and innovative solutions for the maritime industry, with more than 30 years of experience in the design of ships, offshore platforms and equipment.

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Leenaars Marine & Offshore Design provides creative and innovative solutions for the maritime industry, with more than 30 years of experience in the design of ships, offshore platforms and equipment. We offer a broad range of services, including hydrodynamic analysis, feed studies, feasibility studies, structural analysis, marine warranty, tender documentation, workability analysis, transport engineering and business engineering.

Operational support for the offshore industry

Leenaars Marine & Offshore Design offers a unique combination of hands-on experience offshore and onshore engineering. Our senior superintendent works together with our naval architects and engineers to minimise the risk of your offshore operations.

We supply the following services:

  • Business engineering
  • Tender documentation
  • Marine warranty surveys
  • Transport engineering

Offshore business engineering services

Examples of business engineering services include scope of work documentation for contract, feasibility reports, tender evaluation, operational procedures and close-out reports.

Leenaars Marine & Offshore Design provides basic and detail design for monohull vessels, outriggers, horseshoe semi submersibles, FSOs and offshore platforms.
We offer marine equipment design and FEM services. We design winches, jacking systems, cablehaulers and wheelpairs, pipe tensioners and clamps, boatstands and wind turbine foundations.
We can provide full documentation for tenders, including stowage plans, lifting plans, mooring analysis, motion analysis, floatover analysis, workability analysis and operational procedures.
The design of wind turbine foundations, semi-submersible installation vessels, and high workability maintenance vessels are innovative solutions to the existing wind park challenges.
We have developed a systematic standardised series of mast cranes and knuckleboom cranes for lifting operations at sea or in port.

We can provide full documentation for tenders, including stowage plans, lifting plans, mooring analysis / DP capacity calculations, motion analysis, floatover analysis, and workability analysis. We are experienced in determining decommissioning procedures for offshore platforms, either by crane vessel or forklift method.

Marine warranty surveys

Regarding marine warranty surveys, we offer expertise of insurance to underwriters by evaluating marine and offshore operations. We can also supply specialists to act and report as expert witnesses.

Transport engineering services

We offer other services including heavy-lift transport design. Managing transport campaigns includes stowage plans, special equipment design, loading / discharging plans, motions (Safetrans), seafastening plans, short trip scenarios, and monitoring motions and accelerations during transport. We are experienced in writing transportation manuals and our experienced superintendent is available for on-site management.

Vessel and rig design

Leenaars Marine & Offshore Design provides basic and detailed design for monohull vessels, outriggers, horseshoe semi-submersibles and offshore platforms. This includes creating lines plans, trim and stability calculations, structural design, propulsion, classification drawings, ballast systems, and engine room layouts.

We have designed cable-lay vessels, double or quadruple joint pipelay vessels, heavy-lift vessels, FSO / FPSO vessels, wind park installation / maintenance vessels, and more.

We also engineer vessel conversions. We have experience in jumboising, designing ice class structural reinforcements, and various other vessel alterations to enable special transport.

Offshore and maritime equipment design and engineering

Leenaars Marine & Offshore Design provides basic design for offshore and maritime equipment. We have the in-house knowledge and software to create designs specifically suited to the production requirements of the client. We can assist with structural control drawings, hydraulic systems, drive concepts, motion compensation systems, and finite element analysis (FEA).

We have designed seafasteners, kingpost mast cranes, systematic series of mast cranes, systematic series of knuckle boom cranes, skid systems, winches, jacking systems, cablehaulers and wheelpairs, pipe tensioners and clamps, boatstands, wind turbine foundations, and more.

Wind turbine foundation jackets, installation and maintenance

Due to the increasing interest in renewable energy, Leenaars Marine & Offshore Design has developed a number of innovative solutions for wind turbine foundations that will substantially lower the cost of large wind farms. We continuously research and develop new concepts and technology to improve the economical value, environmental impact, and safety of our client’s projects.

We have engineered various wind turbine foundation jackets, including a standardised series designed to be used with large range of turbine sizes and water depths.

Foundations are designed in such a way that they can be produced in an industrial manner, thereby reducing man-hours, material, and testing. Parts are aligned in templates to reduce fitting time and fitting errors.

We support clients in choosing the most cost-effective solution through the systematic investigation of various production, transportation and installation scenarios. The scenarios are analysed in combination with various types of installation and maintenance vessels.

Many wind farm projects consist of 200 7MW wind turbines located 150 to 200 kilometers offshore, representing an investment of millions of euros. When damage occurs, the losses on investments are huge. This calls for scheduled maintenance supplemented by direct action during cable or turbine breakdowns. Present maintenance vessels have insufficient workability prompting us to design new maintenance vessel with a workability 4 times higher than existing vessels.

ISO 9001-certified marine and offshore design company

Leenaars Marine & Offshore Design is an ISO 9001 certified organisation and is a qualified supplier in Achilles JQS: A Joint Qualification System for suppliers to the oil industry in Norway and Denmark.

See our website for references and concrete examples of our work. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your enquiries.

White Papers

  • Leading Innovation on Offshore Equipment

    Leenaars Marine and Offshore design has developed a movable shear leg gantry crane for offshore operations. The shearleg gantry crane has a capacity of 7,000t and can be repositioned along a rail on the vessel's deck through a push-pull system. This allows for optimal use of deck stowage capacity without compromising the crane's outreach.

  • Leenaars: Your Partner in Innovative Solutions

    Leenaars focuses on the design of challenging marine and offshore projects worldwide. We believe in a strong cooperation with our clients to find the best technical and most economically viable solution for their projects. Creativity combined with experience is the strength we build on.

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