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Successful Delivery of Load Monitoring System

ORCA Offshore and MarineObjects have successfully delivered their first operational decision support system to Tideway Offshore Contractors for the inclined fall pipe system on the ‘Rollingstone’. The system consists of four 200t load cells, all communication hardware and the software to process the data and present it to the ship’s crew.

ORCA Offshore and MarineObjects have recently joined forces and launched the integrated operational decision support service for transport and installation projects. This service will give the offshore installation manager the proper information to take the start or stop decision for critical offshore operations.

The service combines the know-how and experience of ORCA Offshore and MarineObjects regarding computing technology, sensoring, offshore operations, weather dynamics and vessel hydrodynamics that makes this service reliable and accurate.

The operational decision support (ODS) system is a computer expert system that combines the data from life sensors with a computer simulation model to generate accurate predictions of the dynamics of the installation equipment or cargo during the various stages of the operation. The following data sources can be used:

  • Installation vessel and cargo multibody dynamic simulation model
  • User defined strength and motion criteria
  • Weather forecast data
  • Waverider buoy data
  • Vessel or cargo motion and acceleration data
  • Vessel or cargo internal deformation data

This service will combine the different data sources in one model which will show the offshore installation manager the actual and predicted utilisation of the defined operational limits of the offshore operation. Using the prediction of this system the decision to start, proceed or stop the operation can be taken on a much better basis.

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