ORCA Offshore Dynamic Analysis for Offshore Operations

The key expertise of ORCA Offshore is operational risk consultancy and analysis for offshore marine operations. Thorough knowledge of advanced simulation technologies to identify and quantify risks, combined with an extensive offshore operational experience, ensures realistic risk assessments, sound design advice and realistic design analysis.

ORCA Offshore delivers a range of engineering and consultancy services for offshore transport and construction activities, which aim to control the risks associated with the exposure of equipment and personnel to the marine environment.

Knowledge of the behaviour of offshore construction equipment exposed to the offshore environment is vital for the development of safe and efficient work procedures. ORCA Offshore delivers this knowledge and is able to translate the effect of environmental conditions to equipment behaviour using various simulation tools.

Offshore construction risk consultancy and support services

ORCA Offshore delivers consultancy and support services on various aspects of offshore construction work, including:

  • Design and review of offshore marine procedures
  • Review of HSE systems
  • Review and advice on operational limits
  • Construction superintendent
  • Client representative

Workability analysis for offshore operations

ORCA Offshore performs various levels of workability analysis for any offshore operation. A workability assessment combines the offshore environment, the marine spread hydrodynamic behaviour and the operational procedure into one simulation model, which will give insight in the environmental risk of the operation.

Offshore conceptual design services

Risks and costs of the transportation, installation and removal of an offshore structure will have a strong effect on the selection of the best concept for the planned purpose of the structure. Operational requirements are important as these will generate the required revenues. But the costs of installation, maintenance and removal of an offshore structure can be significant and can determine the success or failure of a chosen concept.

Therefore, good knowledge of offshore installation technology and weather risks is valuable input for a concept design of an offshore platform, or any offshore structure. The compromise between operational requirements and offshore construction method related to risks and costs should be carefully chosen.

Marine analysis for offshore structures

ORCA Offshore has the knowledge and tools to determine the response of any floating structure to wind, waves and current. Any offshore structure, from a simple barge to complex multi-body systems, can be analysed for static and dynamic responses. We offer the following marine analysis:

  • Transport analysis including stability, bollard pull and longitudinal strength
  • Motion analysis
  • Launch analysis
  • Upending analysis
  • Mooring analysis
  • Dynamic lift and lowering analysis

ORCA Offshore uses MOSES from Ultra Marine. MOSES is a structural and marine simulation language used to analyse motions, loads and stresses in multi-body marine structures subjected to the marine environment.

Structural steel design services

ORCA Offshore offers structural steel design experience for a wide range of structures related to shipping, dredging and offshore; for example:

  • Ship structural design
  • Offshore platforms
  • Lift points (castings or fabricated)
  • Grillage and seafasting design

Online marine engineering

Our online marine engineering service presents various online simulations and analysis of marine operations. Please visit the Transport Analysis website to find out more about this service (see link below).

Offshore operational decision support services

ORCA Offshore can provide operational decision support (ODS) based on an integrated approach using the various data sources, including:

  • Operational limits based on dynamic models
  • Weather forecast data
  • Waverider buoy data
  • Motion monitoring data
  • Load measurements

This service will combine the different data sources in one model, which will show the offshore installation manager the actual and predicted utilisation of the defined operational limits of the offshore operation.

The service normally includes offshore support by a senior naval architect but, based on the operational requirements, it is also possible to set up the service as a standalone system which can be operated by the offshore crew.

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Press Release

ORCA Performs Technical Root Cause Analysis for Twin Crane Accident

ORCA Offshore has cooperated with Saetech to perform a technical investigation into the Alphen aan den Rijn crane accident in 2015, at the request of the Dutch Safety Board (De onderzoeksraad voor veiligheid).

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Engineering and Project Management

ORCA Offshore offers more than twenty years of experience in the marine, structural and operational aspects of the design, fabrication and installation of offshore platforms and subsea structures.

ORCA Offshore

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Press Release

17 May 2017

ORCA Offshore has cooperated with Saetech to perform a technical investigation into the Alphen aan den Rijn crane accident in 2015, at the request of the Dutch Safety Board (De onderzoeksraad voor veiligheid).

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3 May 2017

ORCA Offshore are pleased to announce it has been involved with the berth mooring design and analysis procedure for the Dana Petroleum Western Isles floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) unit.

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20 April 2017

ORCA Offshore has been extensively involved in the Naval Architectural design and engineering of the Statoil Gina Krog jacket, previously known as the Dagny jacket.

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9 December 2014

Orca Offshore has successfully concluded the modeltesting of the Monobasewind concept.

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11 November 2013

Orca Offshore, together with ONE Simulation, has performed wave motion analysis using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The work was done to investigate the effect of the sea bed on the motion characteristics of an offshore crane vessel.

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11 July 2011

ORCA Offshore and MarineObjects have successfully delivered their first operational decision support system to Tideway Offshore Contractors for the inclined fall pipe system on the 'Rollingstone'. The system consists of four 200t load cells, all communication hardware and the software to process

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ORCA Offshore

Lepelaarpark 35

1444 HR Purmerend



+31 623180849 www.transportanalysis.com www.orca-offshore.com

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