Pemamek Oy and Pemamek LLC have introduced the Skyhook Pro Intelligent Positioners building upon their proven Skymaster Pro positioning technology. Controlled by an RC32H-wired remote control and intelligent software, the Skyhook Pro positioners can work with heavy loads up to 15 tons. The ability to pre-program and modify movements as needed has eliminated the need for clamping and increased productivity by 70%. They can be rotated +/-180° for optimal positioning. Additionally, because the programs are generated ahead of time by more experienced welders, those new to the trade can continue operations for optimal working cycles using just the remote control and a pedal. This also provides for safer operation.

The Skyhook Pro positioners require virtually no installation, requiring just a few fasteners and cables. Inside an electrical cabinet on the backside of the positioner contains a proprietary communication system connected by Wi-Fi technology to mobile phones, tablets and laptops for programming, diagnostics, and maintenance schedules, providing a vehicle for importing or exporting work cycle information to other Skyhook machines. They are easily integrated with Pema Column and Booms and are ideal for assembly, Arc-welding and post-weld finishing operations.

“The Skyhook Pro Intelligent Positioner expands upon the capabilities of our Skymaster Pro positioning technology to handle the heavy loads often found in Heavy Industry, oil and gas manufacturing, HD Trucking, and other similar heavy-duty welding applications. The ability to pre-program and modify those programs as needed provides great flexibility from a positioning, operational and welding personnel standpoint. We’re excited to provide weld shops with another solution to their heavy-duty welding and employee challenges, saving them significant time and at the same time increasing throughput immensely,” said Michael Bell, Director of Sales, North America.

Pemamek experts are available to help with simulation, material flow, capacity estimations and other support via private webinars.