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Welding and Production Automation Systems for the Offshore Industry

PEMA column and booms, positioners and rollerbeds have been developed and built to meet or exceed productivity and quality requirements for the offshore industry.

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PEMA’s range of welding solutions for the offshore industry include automated and robotised complete steel production factories and corresponding single stations for deck pancakes, flat panels, pipes, valves, pressure vessels, jackets, nozzles and profile and beam processing. Complete solutions for offshore manufacturing.

PEMA also offers advanced positioners, roller beds, and welding columns and booms, as well as corresponding integrated material handling solutions.

PEMA Flat-panel production lines

At their best in heavy offshore industry steel production, PEMA’s automated and robotised flat-panel lines offer superior output capacity, unbeatable quality and overall productivity with a minimum amount of operators required.

The lines can be directly integrated into design and manufacturing data systems for maximum flexibility in steel production. The dimensional accuracy, cleanness and straightness of the prefabricated components and subassemblies allow for high-speed, high-quality welding from thinner sheets up to the heaviest plates.

  • A typical PEMA flat-panel production line set-up consists of the following:
  • One-sided welding station with integrated plate edge milling
  • Plate cutting, assembly-line cleaning and marking station
  • Integrated stiffener mounting and fillet welding station
  • T-beam assembly and tack-welding station
  • Robotised fillet and vertical welding with patented Vision robot system
  • Service portals for finishing the panels
  • Welding-floor type conveyor system
  • Load-out systems
  • Profile and beam processing lines

Profiles and beams produced in PEMA processing lines are dimensionally accurate and straight with optimum weld sizes and minimum plate distortion due to excess heat conduction. Higher welding speeds and end-product quality are achieved.

PEMA Robotised welding stations for offshore steel structures

In an offshore production environment, boosting production capacity without compromising quality often benefits from robotised welding applications. PEMA robotised stations revolutionise the welding of offshore steel structures such as jacket nodes, piles, tubes nozzles and beams.

PEMA’s own advanced offline WeldControl software or unique online Vision robot system with patented camera technology ensures the smooth production of superior-quality offshore steelwork. Advanced PEMA workpiece positioners, rollerbeds, conveyors and feeders flexibly promote the versatile utilisation of robotised welding stations.

With PEMA pressure vessel solution, Assembly and Welding station, you can dramatically decrease assembly and welding time during your production

Special functions have been designed to make the workflow safe, fast and easy. PEMA solution can decrease fit-up, tacking and welding time up to 50%: it is based on PEMA Assembly station with self-aligning PU-rollers, fit-up/jig units which is integrated to PEMA welding Column&Boom. Those together creates a “growing line” function.

Special functions to increase efficiency

  • Extremely fast fit-up with assembly station specifically developed for heavy structures
  • Intelligent shell and section levelling system
  • Conical shell tilting
  • Fully auto-adjustable special PU rollers
  • Fast rotation from internal to external welding in long seam welding
  • Multi-arc SAW welding with automated functions
  • Integrated grounding
  • Wireless control

PEMA Offshore workpiece handling equipment

In offshore industry fabrication, PEMA’s workpiece handling equipment improves productivity and meets the stringent standards of the high-quality welding of panels, pressure vessels, pipes, piles and other steelwork.

About Pemamek

For 50 years, Pemamek has designed and manufactured welding automation solutions. Our world-leading solutions serve a wide range of industries and needs.

Utilizing the most advanced robot and automation technology, our solutions for the offshore industry ensure better productivity, more competitiveness and excellent quality.

Pemamek Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence at FABTECH 2020

Finland-based global welding automation leader Pemamek introduces its latest PEMA robotic welding technology in booth N2445 at FABTECH 2020, held at Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 18-20, 2020.

PEMA Nozzle Welding Solution

The PEMA nozzle welding solution is a system created to improve the efficiency of pressure vessel production.

Keppel FELS’ Existing Panel Line Shop is Upgraded with PEMA Welding Automation

PEMA Welding Automation has been appointed by world-leading rig builder Keppel FELS to implement the latest modern welding automation system for their production facilities. The solution is the first of its kind, enabling Keppel FELS to have the world's most technologically advanced panel line and supportive micropanel line for manufacturing oil rigs.

G&G International Chooses PEMA Windmill Tower Section Assembly Stations

Pemamek has successfully finished a delivery and handover of two 150t assembly lines for windmill tower foundations. PEMA's newly-developed assembly line with special self-aligning roller beds is one of Pemamek's new innovation solutions for automation of windmill tower and foundation manufacturing.

PEMA Delivers a Modern Flat Panel-Line to Baku Shipyard

Pemamek Oy has agreed on design, construction and delivery of a flat panel-line for Baku Shipyard LLC in Azerbaijan. After completion in early 2013, Baku Shipyard will operate a latest-technology flat panel line for ship-panel fabrication in their new facility.

PEMA to Build the Largest Robotic Heavy Welding Station in Europe

Pemamek has agreed on the design, construction and delivery of a heavy robotic welding station for the Norwegian heavy winch manufacturer IP Huse. After commissioning in October 2011, IP Huse will own and operate the largest heavy robotic welding station in Europe for the manufacture of large win


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