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Suction Pile Foundations, Anchoring and Self Installing Platforms

SPT Offshore is an independent offshore contractor that specialises in suction pile foundations and self installing platforms (SIPs) for the development of marginal oil and gas fields and offshore wind farms.

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suction pile founded platforms

SPT Offshore is an independent offshore contractor that specialises in suction pile foundations and self installing platforms (SIPs) for the development of marginal oil and gas fields and offshore wind farms. Furthermore, SPT Offshore provides suction piles, suction pile clusters (SPCs) and suction embedded anchors (SEAs) for the mooring of floating units (FPSOs, MOPUs, buoys, FSUs etc), subsea structures and subsea pipelines.

SPT Offshore has a staff of skilled and professional personnel from project managers and project engineers, geotechnical, structural and marine engineers and naval architects to experienced offshore installation crews. Furthermore, SPT Offshore owns and operates a fleet of 20 suction pump units for the installation of suction piles and SEA anchors on a rental or supply basis from shallow (5m) to deep water (3,000m). Through SPT Offshore’s sister companies, we operate a fabrication yard (VSF) and marine base (Stemat) in Rotterdam, including a fleet of (DP2) vessels, a crane barge, barges, tugs and piling equipment.

SPT Offshore’s quality and safety management system has been certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards and OHSAS 18001 standards by Lloyd’s Register.

Self installing platforms and floatovers

SPT Offshore has developed several proprietary self installing platform (SIP) and floatover concepts. These offer cost reductions and scheduling flexibility in comparison with conventional heavy lift barges and piled platforms. As with installation, the SIPs are also easily removed and re-installed at other fields. Re-usable SIPs are the perfect solution for marginal field development.

F3FA SIP2 platform installation for Centrica, Dutch North Sea.
A 9,000t F3FA SIP2 platform installed.
Perenco Emeraude platform installation, Congo.
Simultaneous installation of four suction piles at Keppel Verolme GT1.
Ithaca Jacky platform installation, Beatrice.
Global Kumaza start-up pile, Mexico.
Gaz de France Q13 four-leg jacket, founded on suction piles.
Wintershall P6S MPP, relocated to Q1D.
GT1 self-installing trafo substation, founded on suction piles.

SPT Offshore has gained significant experience in the installation and relocation (for re-use) of various self installing platforms on suction piles in the Dutch sector of the North Sea and the Liverpool Bay area of the Irish Sea. In September 2010, we successfully installed the 10,000t F3FA platform for Centrica in the Dutch sector of the North Sea.

Suction installed wind turbines

SPT Offshore has developed the suction installed wind turbine (SIWT) concept for the development of innovative foundations for UK Round 3 offshore wind farms. The concept has some unique features:

  • ONE piece foundation and turbine installation, or
  • Optional installation of foundations with tower followed by nacelle and blades
  • No noise and completely re-usable, hence no environmental issues
  • Fast-track installation, hence a quick return on investment

Suction pile clusters

The suction pile cluster (SPC) consists of three separate suction piles interconnected at the top and bottom. Each suction pile has a separate suction opening. By adjusting the suction pressures for each opening, the SPC can be installed with a tolerance on verticality of less than 0.5°, whereas a single suction pile has a typical tolerance of 3° to 5°. SPT Offshore has developed several specific suction pump units for this application that use state-of-the-art control software to reach this accuracy.

Suction pile foundations

SPT Offshore has a great deal of experience in the design, fabrication and installation of suction piles for the foundations of offshore platforms and subsea structures. The company has designed and installed the suction pile foundations of various offshore platforms and structures in a wide range of soil conditions from very soft to very stiff clays in loose to very dense sands, and in soils with cobbles and boulders and in layered soils including layers of sands, silts and clays. SPT Offshore is the most experienced offshore contractor for this type of application.

For enquiries, please contact SPT Offshore managing director Mark Riemers.

White Papers

Press Releases

  • Allseas Pieter Schelte Test Frame

    Allseas has awarded the testing of the lift system for the Pieter Schelte to the joint venture of SPT Offshore and Volker Steel and Foundations.

  • SPT Offshore Installs Wintershall l6-B Suction Piles

    SPT Offshore, acting as subcontractor for Scaldis Marine Contractors, has successfully installed the three suction piles forming the foundation of SPT's tripod substructure and minimum facilities concept utilised for the Wintershall L6-B field development.

  • SPT Offshore to Exhibit at DOT 2010

    SPT Offshore, an independent offshore contractor specialised in suction pile foundations and self installing platforms (SIPs) for the development of marginal oil and gas fields and offshore wind farms, is pleased to announce that it will attend the Deep Offshore Technology (DOT) International on

  • Centrica F3-FA Self-Installing Platform SIP2 Sets New Record

    The Centrica F3-FA self-installing platform is an evolved design based on our self installing platform SIP2 concept, which has proven to be robust is fully re-usable after depletion of the field. "This project has truly been a masterpiece in our history," says managing director Mark Rie

  • SPT Offshore Releases White Paper on SIP II

    SPT Offshore, an independent offshore contractor specialised in suction pile foundations and self-installing platforms (SIPs) for the development of marginal oil and gas fields and offshore wind farms, has released a white paper on its SIP II self-installing platform. To download SPT O

  • SPT Offshore / Wood Group Gains Carbon Trust Contract

    Carbon Trust has awarded a contract to SPT Offshore / Wood Group for performing a concept study on the basis of SPT's self installing wind turbine (SIWT) concept. The Carbon Trust is a UK initiative to develop innovative foundations for the UK’s third round of offshore wind farms in wa

  • Platform Installation News

    SPT Offshore has been subcontracted by HSM for the design, fabrication and installation services of three suction piles for the Ithaca Jacky platform. These suction piles are 7.4m high by 10m diameter and are currently being built at SPT’s sister company VSF in The Netherlands. In November the pl

  • Suction Pile Tensile Capacity Trial

    SPT Offshore has been asked by the CLP Group to investigate the tensile capacity of a suction pile and compare it to its theoretical calculations. The CLP Group is one of the leading power companies in Asia. One of the goals of CLP is to install a wind farm offshore the coast of Hong Kong.

  • Chevron Frade Riser Anchor Pile Installation

    In February SPT Offshore finalised installation of 22 No Riser Anchor Suction Piles for the Chevron Frade project. SPT Offshore has designed the suction piles in-house. The suction piles were fabricated under SPT supervision in Brazil. For installation SPT Offshore mobilised its new ultra deep wa

  • Suction Pile Cluster Installed as Mooring Base

    SPT Offshore has successfully installed a Suction Pile Cluster (SPC) to act as an FPSO mooring base in the Gulf of Thailand. The SPC has been designed for an omnidirectional holding capacity of 300mT. The SPC was installed within five hours from lifting it from the deck to retrieval of

  • SPT Offshore Introduces Ultra Deep Water Pump

    SPT's new deepwater suction pump/lift tool SAPS-003 has been successfully commissioned and tested in a test basin at SPT's base in Zierikzee, the Netherlands. The SAPS-003 suction pump has been mobilised to Brasil for the installation of 22 suction piles for the Chevron Frade project in


  • Butch Field, North Sea

    Butch field is located in production licence PL405/405B on the Norwegian continental shelf in blocks 7/9, 7/12, 8/7, 8/8 and 8/10, 12km north-east of Ula and 18km north-east of Gyda fields.

  • Rivers Fields, East Irish Sea

    The Rivers gas fields are situated in East Irish Sea, offshore of the north-west coast of England near the developed Nor

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