SPT Offshore has been subcontracted by HSM for the design, fabrication and installation services of three suction piles for the Ithaca Jacky platform. These suction piles are 7.4m high by 10m diameter and are currently being built at SPT’s sister company VSF in The Netherlands. In November the platform will be transported by barge to Invergordon, Scotland. Final transport and installation at the Jacky site will be performed using the Matador 3 sheerleg. SPT Offshore will use three of its SAPS-001 suction pumps to install the suction pile foundation of this platform.

Perenco Emeraude & SAPS-004

A self installing platform on suction piles will be installed offshore Congo later this year by Perenco. SPT Offshore will perform the suction operation using four new built suction pumps, called SAPS-004. These pumps are specifically designed for suction pile based platform installations requiring swift installation combined with high pressures. They offer a high volume flow (up to 450m³/hr) and a high differential pressure (up to 8bar). Venting of the air out of the suction piles will be through the pump so there is no need for separate vent valves on top of the suction piles. The pumps are designed for water depths of up to 150m and are powered by an electrical umbilical. Platform inclination, differential pressure, internal soil plug and penetration are centrally controlled from the 20ft control container located on the platform deck.