Seatools is a company of specialists with many years of experience in underwater and offshore technology. This team of specialists has proven its qualities in design and construction of a wide variety of systems and products. Seatools’ extensive track record covers tailor made systems such as dredging and trenching tools, instrumentation systems, special purpose ROVs and winches. The mission of the company is to be a one-stop solution provider. The method used to achieve this is to have experts from all major disciplines like software, electronics and mechanical design available in house, working closely together with short communication lines, so that a fast response to a client’s request is combined with innovative solutions.

Apart from client specific solutions, Seatools carries many standard products for the dredging and offshore industry:


The DredgeMate system is a visualization and registration system specially suited for dredging operations by all kinds of dredgers. DredgeMate can be supplied in a relatively simple basic set-up but can also be expanded to tackle more demanding dredging control and monitoring tasks.

The DredgeMate software has recently been completely re-written to provide 3-D, real-time representation, with full integration of the essential survey and dredging data in one package. The system provides the key data that allows the operator to maximize efficiency.

Carrera-4, containerised jet excavation tool.
Carrera-D, diver operated dredge tool.
Tower trencher for cable burial depths up to 5m.
ROV controlled grab excavation system for accurate grab positioning at large water depths.

The following pre-configured packages are available:

  • DipMate – for dipper and excavator dredgers
  • CutterMate – for cutter dredgers
  • HopperMate – for hopper dredgers
  • CraneMate – for cable crane dredgers


Carrera-4 is a hydraulically driven jet excavation system with a powerful output, adjustable to match local soil conditions.

Carrera-4 is a self-contained excavation system for offshore purposes. Its standard 20ft container footprint allows easy transportation. The system includes hydraulic power packs, a crane and control cabin and only needs a connection to the ships electrical system to make it operational. The operations can be controlled easily from the integrated control cabin.

The benefits of using a Carrera-4 system are:

  • Can be located on any suitable vessel with a sufficient power supply
  • Diver-less cleaning up of areas for example around pipelines
  • Fast preparation of trenches for pipe laying in sandy / clay areas
  • Visual and sonar control of the pipe laying areas by using the optional inspection and survey system


The Carrera-D is a high performance diver operated dredge tool. Compared to the traditional “air lift” system, this system is far superior in both production and working depth range.

The system consists of a dredge tool, a water pump unit with hoses. The Carrera-D is delivered complete with all accessories included in a 10in standard workshop container.

The Carrera-D is made of stainless steel and other diver friendly materials. Adjustable handling grips for the diver allow easy and ergonomic control of the dredge tool. The dredge tool flow valve allows adjustment of the tool for different soil conditions and a back flush valve creates opposite flow in case the tool entrance is blocked.


For the dredging and offshore industry Seatools designed and built special cable and pipeline trenching equipment based on jetting technology. Trencher types built include both towed trenchers and ROV based trenching skids. Examples of equipment that was designed / built by Seatools:

  • Pipe trenching skid for “SeaJet 2000” suitable for pipe diameters up to 28in, burial depth 1m TOP
  • Cable trencher “Jetting Bull”, burial depth 5m
  • Pipe trenching skid for “Smartjet 1150” suitable for pipe diameters up to 36in, burial depth 1m TOP
  • ROV pipe / cable trencher (design)