Swanson Industries

Manufacture and Repair of Production and Drilling Riser Tensioner Systems

11983 FM 529, Houston, 77041,Texas, United States of America

Swanson Industries’ experience, facilities and equipment allow us to offer our customers services in manufacturing and repair of production and drilling riser tensioner systems at our facilities, or onsite with our mobile equipment and service team.

Mobile water jet cutting services are available, along with load testing up to 1.6 million pounds at our facility. We also provide custom manufacturing of tools, hang off adapters, tubing hang-off tools and cylinders.

Production riser and drilling riser tensioner repair

Our experience provides the system knowledge to update or repair complete production riser tensioner systems and drilling riser tensioner systems for improved performance and service life, resulting in reduced down time.

Our mobile equipment and qualified service technicians can accomplish this at our facility or onsite.

Water jet cutting

Our mobile diesel-powered water jet cutter provides 55,000psi with aggregate and is ready for a wide range of mobile cutting projects. It can be utilised in sensitive areas without requiring a hot work permit, allowing oil production to continue while cuts are being performed offshore or onshore.

The cutting head can be located 150ft from the power supply skid. Precision cutting can be controlled via motorized track or by hand. Unit is perfect for washing out welds by hand. Swanson Industries’ water jet cutting unit is capable of piercing and cutting 12in-thick material from one side.

Custom manufacturing

We provide turnkey design and manufacture of custom production and drilling equipment, such as production riser tensioners and drilling riser tensioners, riserhang-off adaptors, tubing hanger hang-off tools and cylinders required for offshore, subsea or land applications.

Load testing up to 1.6 million pounds

Our custom-built load test stand is capable of applying loads to 1.6 million pounds with up to 2ft of stroke, and in special applications requiring up to 2 million pounds.

We have the capabilities to custom design and build fixtures to suit your specific component. The stand is configured to test vertically but can be modified to handle horizontal testing.

Mobile hydraulic power units and test stands

Swanson Industries offers rental of our mobile diesel powered 3,000psi, 100GPM HPU with a 600 gallon reservoir. We also have a smaller electric HPU available for running small hydraulic tools to 3,000psi. Swanson Industries has air over oil test stands capable of 15,000 and 20,000psi available.

Mobilised services

Swanson Industries offers its customers the opportunity to request production riser tensioners and drilling riser tensioners to be repaired on-site by qualified service technicians. We have completed jobs in South-East Asia as well as the Gulf of Mexico and West Africa. Our water jet cutting services are available for onsite use land or offshore.

Swanson Industries’ facility

Our 18,500ft² facility is conveniently located in north-west Houston, Texas, and can handle offshore riser tensioners up to 60,000lbs. The shop has two 15t overhead cranes and one 5t crane, as well as 40,000lbs and 8,000lbs capacity forklifts.

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Swanson Industries

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