Pressure gauges

At The Subsea Company, innovation comes standard. Since last year, the manufacturing company has been tweaking its already precise proprietary equipment and parts and ensuring that all Subsea pressure gauges are subsea certified. What does that mean to the consumer? Each gauge is individually calibrated, hydrostatically tested and certified for deep-water use.

Each Subsea pressure gauge has an advanced bourdon tube design and is manufactured for long-term, deep-water deployment. Subsea gauges are designed to pass annual calibrations and recertification and in addition, the Zytel case provides superior corrosion and chemical resistance with a flexible structure that adds reliability to the internal breathing diaphragm for better depth compensation. The black face with white lettering on the gauge provides exceptional readability in low light conditions.

"Subsea gauges are precise in monitoring pressure and identifying problems, ultimately saving time and money," said Ron Haehn, sales and marketing manager for The Subsea Company.

"Our gauges are accurate at any depth providing the user with reliable and precise pressure measurement readings."

Rugged and designed to offer superior corrosion resistance, Subsea pressure gauges provide excellent subsea performance with high-quality internal stainless materials that provide precise temperature and pressure compensation.

Another reason customers choose superior Subsea products is because the company performs rigorous testing and compliance standardization for each product and equipment that it manufactures.

The Subsea Company will be launching other innovative products, including an extended line of BOP Drifts and a full line of specially formulated lubricants. The manufacturing plant at The Subsea Company offers free tours to demonstrate the ingenuity of design, rigorous testing and the ongoing compliance procedures that are met prior to distribution.

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