BOP Fluid Quality

The Subsea Company launches their innovative BOP Fluid Conditioning & Monitoring System. With several systems already in the field, customers are reporting much improved BOP fluid quality. Independent laboratory tests concluded the ‘system is effective at reducing the biological burden’ in BOP Fluid samples provided.

BOP Fluid Conditioning & Monitoring system is primarily designed to improve fluid quality by reducing microbial activity with exposure to UV light, removing suspended particles and provides real-time data of BOP fluid pH and conductivity for event & trending analysis.

Offshore Blow-Out Preventer (BOP) fluids are critical to the reliability and functioning of the BOP control system. These water based fluids and make-up water supply are normally tested by taking daily or weekly samples that are sent to a lab onshore. This periodic testing may completely miss or at best delay the corrective action of an event of poor quality fluid that has made its way to the BOP equipment.

Aside from the improved fluid quality the continuous conditioning provides, The Subsea Co. monitoring equipment will capture anomalies in pH signaling changes in microbial growth and conductivity indications of dissolved solids. Analysis of this data and correlating it with known events and activity surrounding BOP fluid make-up, storage and use will assist the subsea engineer to eliminate the occasional incidents that cause poor BOP fluid quality thus reducing downtime and saving money.

Our customers can rely on our exclusive BOP Fluid Conditioning & Monitoring system to improve their BOP fluid quality and reliably capture data that will allow them to track fluid quality and improve their subsea BOP control system reliability.

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