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Oil in Water measurement has traditionally been by means of grab samples taken to the laboratory. This is labour intensive as well as introducing systematic errors and time delay in getting the results. The OSPAR 40mg/l discharge limit in place in the North Sea requires online Produced Water Analysers to correlate with the defined reference method of GC-FID. To date, a number of technologies have been used to correlate an online analyser method with the defined lab method. Advanced Sensors Ltd’s results prove a consistent correlation over a rolling period of +/-1ppm.


UK based Advanced Sensors Ltd have developed a range of maintenance-free oil in water monitors that can be connected via the Internet. The OIW EX 1000 series of oil-in-water analysers offer a number of market firsts including:

  • Maintenance free self-cleaning
  • Remote connectivity
  • Enhanced measuring range from ppb up to 10,000ppm
  • Online UV full scan spectrometer


The OIW EX analyser uses patented ultrasonic self-cleaning technology. This removes the need for maintenance, and provides a consistent, reliable, measurement with ±1% accuracy. The large robust measuring chamber removes the need for any flow control, mechanical mixers, chemical additives or human intervention.

Advanced Sensors Managing Director, Khalid Thabeth, said a major advancement in the EX1000 is that it is maintenance free. “Oil in water monitors have historically been plagued with faulting and contamination of the measuring sensors, the OIW EX1000 incorporates an ultrasonic cleaning technique that ensures the sensors remain clean and measurement accuracy does not deteriorate,” said Thabeth.


When OIW-EX 1000 units are networked to the Internet or intranet, remote monitoring, control, and diagnostics are possible from anywhere in the world. The remote access to OIW-EX 1000 systems gives significant mobilization savings and ease of ownership. Combined with 24 hour support from Advanced Sensors Ltd all clients benefit from a 100% success rate.

The OIW-EX 1000 has an extremely dynamic operating range, detecting oil concentrations from low ppb to 10,000ppm. Instruments can be placed at multiple points through the process and monitored from one location. Thus enabling proactive intervention and process optimization.


The OIW EX 1000 has an inbuilt optical spectrum analyser that allows for enhanced analysis of produced water. The online spectrometer offers a new standard of analysis in produced water monitoring.

The OIW EX1000 is also able to detect other abnormalities in the water.

This market first offers information that was previously thought unattainable, empowering process engineers with a far greater insight of process dynamics resulting in even greater process management. Where detailed analysis of boiler feed water or heat exchanger mediums are necessary for process efficiency, the on line spectrometer can detect chemical anomalies in the sample stream. Conversely, it is also possible to differentiate between normally present process chemicals and hydrocarbons in the produced water discharge.

The operating system is built on the globally recognised Windows operating system, offering a familiar environment and making operation of the instrument self-intuitive. The flexibility of Windows XP gives the analyser more software intelligence for calibration, diagnostics, detailed analysis and communications.

Data logging is fitted as standard in all OIW EX 100/1000 series analysers with a ten-year storage capacity. Software included helps users interrogate the detailed data, remotely or at the point of installation.

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Press Release

Advanced Sensors Joins PAC

PAC, a leading global provider of advanced analytical instruments for laboratories and online process applications, is pleased to announce that Advanced Sensors, a leading global supplier of oil-in-water analysers, has joined the PAC team.

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The World’s Best Oil-in-Water Analyzers

The World's Best Oil-in-Water Analyzers

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Press Release

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PAC, a leading global provider of advanced analytical instruments for laboratories and online process applications, is pleased to announce that Advanced Sensors, a leading global supplier of oil-in-water analysers, has joined the PAC team.

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