Arjay is pleased to announce that it is to participate at Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2015, which will be taking place from 4 to 7 May 2015 in Houston, Texas, US.

Arjay Engineering offers four models to target ppm and mg/l oil in water.

The HydroSense series provides three of these models for online concentration monitoring of oil in water. The FluoroCheck is a benchtop fluorescence monitor for discrete sample testing.

HydroSense 3420

The HydroSense 3420 uses a light scatter technology that monitors for trace oil in water. Oil droplets in water will scatter light in a predictable manner. By directing light into a passing sample and monitoring the intensity of scattered light, the ppm (mg/l) can be determined.

Light scattering is ideal for any oil type and can monitor for animal/vegetable, synthetic and petroleum oils. The oil droplet size must be greater than about 2 micron to induce the scattering, which are loosely defined as free oils. The background water must be free of turbidity or other contaminants that could also scatter light and cause false positive readings.

HydroSense 3410 and HydroSense 2410

The HydroSense 3410 and 2410 use a UV fluorescence technology to monitor for trace petroleum oil in water. By filtering the directed light to the specific excitation and emission wavelengths that are indicative of hydrocarbons, the sensor is able to target petroleum oils only. This eliminates the background affects of non-petroleum oils and other contaminants in the water.
Fluorescence will excite both the free and dissolved oil in water.

The Hydrosense 3410 is closed-loop flow through device with a range between 0ppm and 100 ppm. The flow is limited to clean water applications such as filtered water for purification and de-salination applications.

The HydroSense 2410 incorporates unique designs specifically for industrial environmental compliance applications. The pre-conditioning sample chamber, non-contacting optics and flow-plate design enhance and improve accuracy over an extended range while minimizing maintenance.

The FluoroCheck is a benchtop fluorescence monitor working on the same principle as the HydroSense 3410 and 2410. The unit allows for both quick direct water samples for pre-screening and also solvent-extracted samples for high accuracy results. The solvent approach extracts only the oils from water that are to be tested following the EPA and ISO extraction procedures. This makes the FluoroCheck an ideal correlation instrument.

Many common, and not so common, compounds have the ability to fluoresce light when excited by light at one or more specific wavelengths. The Arjay fluorescence monitors operate the filtered UV lamp at a wavelength, which will provide a strong peak of response from hydrocarbons.

Fluorescence and what it detects

Synthetic oils, vegetable oils, mineral oils, and animal fats inherently do not fluoresce at the targeted wavelength since they do not contain an aromatic hydrogen and carbon molecule.

However, they may carry a dye or additive that does fluoresce in the same wavelength. In these cases, this interferent may be considered a tracer and could be used to monitor water contamination.

For more information, please contact Arjay or visit the company stand at Booth 1817 at OTC 2015.