The 2852-OWS Oil Alarm from Arjay Engineering is a remote mounted sensing probe that continuously monitors the oil-water interface in a water-filled sump or separator. This monitor is used to control pumps, operate valves, or activate alarms, preventing environmental contamination as water is returned back into the environment. With the use of HF capacitance technology, the 2852-OWS does not foul and routine cleaning needs are minimised.

Arjay’s oil-water separator monitors can be paired with custom panels for oil-water separators, FWKO and similar oil and water interface applications, allowing for easy access and monitoring. For the level sensing function, explosion-proof capacitance probes or intrinsically safe floats can be used to transmit the oil level to the control panel mounted remotely. Panel functions can include audio/visual alarms, pump and valve controls, operator control functions and any other feature specific or unique to an application.

Arjay can help design a system from the ground up or base it off one of the many systems they have provided to the industry. Panels are offered for indoor and outdoor use and are certified to CSA and UL standards.