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Briggs Marine and Environmental Services

Oil Spill Response Equipment and Services

Seaforth House
Seaforth Place,
KY3 9AX Scotland

Seaforth House
Seaforth Place,
KY3 9AX Scotland

Briggs Marine and Environmental Services supplies a comprehensive range of services to the oil and gas industry, including an international oil spill response service, specialist oil spill response equipment hire, environmental consultancy, and oil and gas terminal operations. We are also an accredited provider of mooring and oil spill response training.

Oil spill response services

Briggs provides oil spill response services for the full spectrum of spill-related incidents that threaten the environment. Our highly trained oil spill response personnel deal with over 500 incidents a year covering industrial, coastal and offshore installations around the world.

We provide safe, rapid and cost-effective spill solutions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through our unrivalled combination of response bases and services accredited by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and UK SPILL.

Oil spill response services include full service; tier 1, 2 & 3 marine pollution response; asset procurement, commissioning and maintenance; simulation and exercise management; global deployment logistics; land-based pollution response; land and water remediation; waste management; equipment hire; sorbent sales and after care.

Oil spill response activation is made through a single telephone number that will put you straight through to a duty management system. For 24-hour emergency spill response please call 0800 374 348.

Oil spill response club

Briggs operates a cost-effective oil spill response club, the National Offshore Pollution Control Club (NOPCC). Membership of the NOPCC offers you the reassurance of guaranteed 24/7/365 response as well as dedicated asset packages tailored to operational requirements.

Specialist oil spill response equipment hire

Briggs offers a complete range of oil spill response equipment for short or long-term hire, including oil containment booms, oil skimmers, hydraulic power packs, dispersant spray systems and transfer pumps.

Oil and gas terminal operations marine labour supply services

With over 30 years’ experience operating at major petrochemical sites, Briggs offers a complete, cost-optimal solution to assist oil and gas operators in achieving competitive advantage in their terminal operations.

Our approach is to conduct a thorough review of existing oil and gas terminal operations to allow us to design packages to suit your individual requirements and to develop systems, processes and workforces that deliver results on the ground.

Electrical and mechanical engineering

Briggs has a significant range of specialist personnel providing mechanical, electrical and other maintenance services. In addition, Briggs provides specialist petrochemical maintenance services.

Environmental consultancy

Briggs has established a global reputation for its environmental consultancy expertise. Our expert knowledge can support your organisation at an operational and strategic level to ensure effective spill response measures are in place to meet your risk mitigation strategy and regulatory planning and licensing requirements.

Our comprehensive range of environmental consultancy services includes:

  • Marine consents and licences (PON 15)
  • Oil pollution emergency plans (OPEP)
  • Oil spill contingency plans (OSCP)
  • Exercise monitoring and design
  • Coastal protection plans and sensitivity mapping
  • Environmental compliance auditing
  • Emergency response plans (ERP)
  • Development and implementation of national contingency plans (NCP)
  • Oil spill response review and assessment

Accredited training provider

Briggs offers a range of oil spill response and mooring training courses accredited by the Nautical Institute on behalf of the MCA, DECC and the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

For more information about our complete range of oil and gas and environmental services, please get in touch and we will be happy to help you find the right solution for your requirements.

Briggs Marine and Environmental Services

Seaforth House

Seaforth Place