EcoCatalysts is bringing about a fundamental transformation in the advanced treatment of our water resources and bio remediation. We provide a superior, completely non-toxic alternative to the harsh and caustic chemicals, and our solutions are now used throughout the world by municipalities and industry.

EcoCatalysts develops and supplies cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly hydrocarbon remediation technologies. Our bio-catalytic products are a highly effective treatment for accidental carbon release, the risk of which is significantly increased in the offshore industry.

Hydrocarbon remediation

EcoCatalysts’s bio-organic catalyst, Nontox™, remediates harmful chemicals, which if left untreated could cause environmental damage. Nontox™ is a highly effective bio-organic catalyst designed for the remediation of hydrocarbons in soils, atmosphere and water.

Nontox™ rapidly accelerates the normal biodegradation cycle of most petroleum hydrocarbons by catalysing, hydrolysing and oxidising the contaminants and reducing them to carbon dioxide and water.

Our bio-organic catalysts are a highly effective treatment for accidental carbon release.
Nontox™ accelerates the normal biodegradation cycle of most petroleum hydrocarbons.
EcoCatalysts supplies green and sustainable technologies for the treatment of water, soil and air in the offshore industry.
We provide an environmentally friendly approach to hydrocarbon remediation.

Nontox™ is a concentrate and for bio-remediation applications must be diluted to approximately a 6% solution (1l Nontox™ : 15l water).

When used in water, the diluted solution, which can be diluted with freshwater, saltwater or wastewater, will treat approximately 800m² of a hydrocarbon slick.

The Nontox™ spray can be applied to surface water spills in either freshwater or saltwater and is non-hazardous to marine life, cleaning rocks and beaches. It can also easily be applied in recirculation systems to treat contaminated groundwater, streams and ponds.

Oil spill remediation for petro-chemical, transport and mining operations

EcoCatalysts’s bio-organic catalysts provide high-performance, unparalleled remediation of hydrocarbon contamination with economically compelling benefits.

We provide not only a non-toxic, non-caustic and non-corrosive approach to oil spill remediation, but our bio-catalyst products are also non-irritating, hypoallergenic, bacteria-free and biodegradable, allowing any occupational, health, safety and environmental concerns to be alleviated.

In comparison to conventional organic catalysts, which can limit oxygen transfer, EcoCatalysts’ bio-organic catalysts are self-organising and create microbubbles, resulting in high oxygen transfer characteristics.

Our broad spectrum bio-organic catalysts contain a fermentation supernatant derived from minerals and plants, as well as a non-ionic surfactant and stabilisers.

Fast TPH and BTEX remediation for soil, freshwater or saltwater releases

EcoCatalysts’ bio-organic catalysts offer many advantages, including fast total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) and benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes (BTEX) remediation for soil, freshwater or saltwater releases.

Immediate suppression of VOCs and other organic odour can be achieved with our bio-organic catalysts, which also rapidly raise FP and lower LEL for confined space safety.

Our innovative bio-organic catalysts can also be applied to recirculation oxidation systems to treat contaminated groundwater, streams and ponds.

Promotion and distribution to Australasia, Africa and the Middle East

As an investment vehicle for green and sustainable technology, EcoCatalysts promotes and distributes some of the products produced by its invested companies in Australasia, Africa and the Middle East.

Our investments are focused on:

  • Bio-organic catalysts
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Organic fertiliser
  • Manufacture
  • Renewable energy