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Semco Maritime Selected as Supplier for Numerous Line of Sight Systems to the Danish and Norwegian North Sea Sectors

In the fall and early winter months of 2002 Semco Maritime has once again proven its position as the leading supplier of Line Of Sight systems in the North Sea area. Several substantial orders comprising design, supply and installation of LOS systems have been awarded to Semco Maritime from a long range of operators such as Mærsk Oil & Gas AS, Dong E&P AS, ConocoPhillips and Elsam.

An extensive order comprising design, assembly and offshore installation for a LOS system tying together all Mærsk Oil & Gas AS main centers in the North Sea (Dan, Gorm, Halfdan, Tyra East) has been placed at Semco Maritime. A complex web of radio links are already connecting the MOG fields however, most of the existing equipment is no longer sufficient for todays high communication demands. The new interfield LOS system is designed as a ring configuration ensuring increased equipment usage efficiency and a high level of redundancy based on parallel PDH and SDH links. This highly flexible design ensures link capacities from 4x2Mb/s up to 155 Mb/s (STM-1). The system is designed so that additional platforms may be introduced in the ring at a later stage.

A 55 km distance LOS link between the Danish fields and the Norwegian fields has been planned. An order has been placed at Semco Maritime for initial offshore surveying/planning and to supply design for the link.

The Dong E&P AS field Siri is currently being expanded with the two new unmanned mono-tower wellhead platforms, Nini and Cecilie. The two platforms that are located 13 and 29 km from Siri respectively are to be tied-in to Siri using LOS radio links. The project comprises two parallel radio links towards each of the two satellite platforms, with a capacity of 4x2Mb/s for each link. The project comprises also PCM equipment for interface between the platform systems and the radio link equipment, Semco Maritime is turnkey supplier of the Ex approved package with responsibility for the design, supply, assembly, installation supervision and offshore commissioning.

A temporary 155Mb/s (STM-1) link is to be installed between the Dong E&P AS field Siri and Mærsk Gallant. The link, which is to be used during offshore hook up, is to be supplied on a turnkey basis by Semco Maritime.

Also the order for the temporary LOS link between Ekkofisk and Mærsk Giant was awarded to Semco Maritime form ConocoPhillips Norway. This is also a STM1 (155MB/s) and comprises the complete package from design and supply to commissioning.

Earlier in 2002 Semco Maritime supplied a complete LOS system for the world largest offshore wind farm at Horns Rev. The project consisted of equipment supply, design, assembly, offshore installation and commissioning of a complete 36 Mb/s link. The link performs the back up communication between onshore installations located at Vestkraft Esbjerg and the main service platform located at Horns Rev 20 km off the Danish west coast. The link ensures high serviceability for the unmanned offshore installations at the wind farm.

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