Throughout 2010, SAR has invested in shipping and the modification of its plants to increase treatment capacity for drill cuttings and OBM slop.

SAR now has two new thermomechanical cuttings cleaners (TCC) in operation. The TCCs are mobile units and are currently in operation at our treatment plant at Averøy outside Kristiansund and at the base of our wholly-owned subsidiary company, Nordmiljø, in Sandnessjøen. Each unit has a treatment capacity of 35,000t cuttings per year.

The TCC from Thermtech is considered the best available technology for separation of hydrocarbons and water from drill cuttings. The decision on location is based upon the intention to offer drill cuttings treatment close to future operations. This will reduce the demand for transportation of cuttings and will in turn benefit the environment and reduce transportation costs for our clients. In addition, expenses for offshore skip rental will be dramatically reduced as we aim to include a turnaround time of five days from the time the skips are received on quay at our treatment plants.

SAR has also expanded the treatment capacity for OBM slop on Averøy outside Kristiansund. We have doubled capacity through modifications and the addition of a second process line, resulting in a total annual treatment capacity of 50,000t of OBM slop at Averøy. The method of treatment, developed by SAR over several years, is highly environmental friendly and energy effecient. SAR considers this solution to be both the best available technology and best environmental practice.

In November 2010, SAR acquired 51% ownership of the shipping company Soltin to ensure transportation capacity by sea. Soltin operates a fleet of three ships:

  • M/T Maria Soltin, a certified chemical tanker with max load of 933m³
  • M/S Dart, a tanker for OBM slop, waste water and other drill waste, with a max load of 980m³
  • M/S Regine, a small tanker with integrated flushing unit and a max load of 110m³

In addition, Soltin operates a 7000m³ tank farm at Storøy outside Haugesund.

To SAR, these efforts represent large investments. This is, however, an element in our strategy to offer our clients a total solution. We believe our clients are best served with a full service supplier that transports, stores and treats all types of waste from drilling operations.