Total Hazardous and Integrated Solutions (THIS) is an independent company promoting niche environmental projects and solutions for the global oil and gas and petrochemical industries. The company has successfully attained international standards accreditation, with ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and TIS 18001.

THIS was established in Thailand as a privately owned service company in 2013 with a focused range of products and services for customers throughout Asia and Australia. It quickly secured several contracts for provision of mercury management services in both offshore and onshore sectors. It also conducts HazMat investigations and chemical health risk assessments to control the risk of mercury, mercuric compounds and elemental vapour as well as the safety of personnel and asset integrity.

Mercury Management Services

THIS is the leading mercury management specialist in South East Asia. The company delivers a wide range of mercury related services, including hazardous material handling, storage and disposal, total mercury decontamination of pipelines, vessels, facilities, tools and ancillaries, hazardous shutdown / turnaround supervision and the provision of handling procedures for hazardous materials.

Its mercury management plans are tailored packages designed in accordance with the customer’s business scope. These can include:

Full mercury decontamination of all exposed areas/parts can be achieved using a combination of thermal and kinetic technologies while incorporating a proprietary mercury vapour suppression and amalgam chemical formula.
HydraScav will remove hydrogen sulphide from gas, water, crude and fuel oils.
Various offshore installations, vessels, tanks and process equipment can be rapidly decontaminated using a proven combination of select chemicals and an optimised application.
  • Legal compliance for mercury waste handling and disposal
  • Chemical health risk assessment
  • HazMat monitoring and supervision
  • Provision of a medical database
  • HazMat training and certification of at-risk personnel
  • Procedure writing
  • Mercury management audits (gap analysis) of existing systems

Mercury decontamination services are available from THIS with the following guarantees:

  • Without damage: non-detrimental and systemic desorption and decontamination of intricate systems such as intelligent PIGs, skid-mounted process systems and refineries, etc.
  • Capped invoices: THIS is so confident in its abilities that it quotes a maximum cost; any additional days / costs are covered with work completed sooner charged accordingly
  • Waste management: licensed hazardous waste handling, transportation and disposal is included as standard
  • Decontamination prior to hot works: rapid localised desorption and decontamination can be carried out across designated areas, providing mercury free sections to cut, weld and grind without the risk of over-exposure to elevated mercury vapours

Hydrogen Sulphide Removal

HydraScav is a water-soluble non-triazine, non-formaldehyde blend of amine resins in a complex alcohol system that is extremely effective in removing hydrogen sulphide from gas, water, crude and fuel oils. The product can be injected directly downwell, at the well head or anywhere else along the production process. The amount of HydraScav required to remove hydrogen sulphide from any system is typically around 40% less than that of a triazine-based scavenger.

HydraScav converts hydrogen sulphide molecules into a stable non-hazardous sulphate salt that can be handled easily. This eliminates several issues in the process system often associated with triazine / formaldehyde-based scavengers. HydraScav is also effective in removing mercaptans from liquids in the same manner, although this reaction time is slightly longer.

Hazardous Decontamination Services

Full toxic decontamination of tanks, vessels and facilities can be achieved quickly, safely and cost-effectively using the latest chemical technology. Mercury decontamination of all exposed areas / parts can be achieved using a combination of thermal and kinetic technologies while incorporating a proprietary mercury vapour suppression and amalgam chemical formula. Once a full surface decontamination has been carried out, compliance is achieved by testing with both handheld XRF analysers and mercury vapour analysers.

THIS operates a licensed hazardous decontamination facility (HDF) in Songkhla, Thailand. The HDF is an integrated chemical cleaning and recycling facility that carries out transportation, segregation, classification, neutralisation and encapsulation prior to final disposal of solid and liquid wastes. Full COC documentation is in compliance with OSHA, ISO and Pollution Control Department regulations.

THIS can also provide certification for safe transportation of decontaminated materials from one country to another in accordance with the Basel Convention.