Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments introduces the new 'C’ series of continuous on-line oil in water monitoring instruments. The TD-4100 C and the TD-4100 XDC can detect and measure oil, fuel, crude oils, and most heat transfer fluids in water from the low ppb to high ppm. The 'C’ series is for cooling water, steam condensate, in power plants, drinking water, and other industrial applications. The TD-4100 XDC is for severe duty and hazardous area requirements.

With the lowest detection limits in the industry, the 'C’ series can detect leaks before they become a problem. The 'C’ series uses UV fluorescent technology that resists interferences from turbidity and suspended solids. No chemicals, pretreatment, mechanical manipulation or mixing of the sample is required. Specifically for high temperatures and pressures, the 'C’ series water sample remains pressurized for easy return back onto the process. Straightforward operation with very little maintenance, the 'C’ series senses when the instrument needs cleaning. An optional self cleaning system is available.

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments with over fifteen years of experience in the industry is the recognized expert in oil in water measurement. With a range of products from the hand-held TD-500D to the explosion proof TD-4100XDC, we provide many different oil in water measuring solutions. All of our instruments are backed by expert knowledge and a world class field service department. Please visit our website for more information.