Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc. are specialists in the measurement and monitoring of oil in water. We are experts in the application of UV fluorescence technology to the monitoring of produced water and other oily wastewater. We provide state-of-the-art continuous on-line oil in water monitors as well as bench-top single sample analyzers. Instruments are listed as oil content monitors, oil in water monitors, oil in water analyzers, trace oil monitors and produced water monitors.

TD-500D portable oil in water meter

The TD-500D™ is a fluorometer designed for quick, easy and accurate measurements of crude oil and gas condensates in water. When properly calibrated with a correlation method or a known standard, the TD-500D can be used to determine concentrations of unknown samples. It features:

  • Oil and grease analysis in less than four minutes
  • Compatible with all popular extraction solvents
  • No solvent evaporation
  • Easy calibration with crude oil standards or correlation to other methods
  • Minimum detection limit less of than 1ppm for most crude oils
  • Range 0ppm to more than 1,000ppm
  • Portable, hand held, less than 1lb
  • Measures WSOs at pH of less than 2
  • No interference from methanol
  • Accurate and highly repeatable
  • Correlates to standard laboratory gravimetric and IR methods
  • CheckPOINT® solid calibration check standard
  • UV fluorescence technology

All Turner Designs instruments are manufactured under ISO 9001 certification.

Turner Designs’ continuous on-line oil in water monitors are:

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc. are specialists in the measurement and monitoring of oil in water.
The TD-500D oil in water meter-portable is handheld for measuring crude oil and gas condensates.<br/><br/><br/><br/>
  • California EPA certified
  • USCG certified
  • IMO certified

TD-4100 XD oil content monitor

The TD-4100 XD is a rugged, simple and easy to use low maintenance continuous on-line oil content monitor for produced water overboard discharge, bilge water, deck drains and heat exchanger leaks in cooling water or steam condensate.

It uses the principle of UV Fluorescence with high correlation to standard laboratory oil in water analysis methods. These rugged instruments are used in all industries offshore and onshore, from water purification to upstream and downstream oil industry applications. We provide worldwide field service for commissioning and training. For more technology information regarding oil measurement with UV Fluorescence, please visit our web site listed below.

The TD-4100 XD is a very simple self-contained skid mounted oil in water monitor ready to install on skid packages or directly on offshore facilities. No special pumps or mixers are required. Explosion proof options for North American and European standards as well as heaters and coolers allow it to be used on virtually any offshore or onshore oil production facility. Instruments are IMO and USCG certified and carry the CE Mark.