The TD-1000C oil-in-water monitor for oil leak detection in steam condensate and process cooling water is now available from Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc. The low cost and low maintenance TD-1000C is a fluorescence technology-based instrument with the lowest detection limits on the market.

It can detect fuel oil in steam condensate at below 50ppb (parts per billion). Marine applications include cargo heater steam condensate to measure crude oil in water, heavy fuel oil heat exchanger systems to detect heat exchanger leaks in the condensate, lubricating oil in seawater cooler systems, and hydrocarbons in water from seawater scrubbers.

Industrial applications include oil in condensate from leaking heat exchangers, fuel oil heat exchanger leaks into steam condensate and oil leaks into cooling water. Its low detection limits make it most valuable for the earliest hydrocarbon leak detection available.

The TD-1000C is delivered as shown in the photo complete and ready to install and operate. It is factory calibrated with very low maintenance required. We offer immediate delivery in two to five days.

The TD-1000C employs the same rugged construction typical of all Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments’ monitors. Other instruments include our TD-4100 XDC continuous oil in water analyzer for explosion proof areas and our TD-500D hand held oil in water analyzer for grab sample analysis.

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments has its factory and main office in Fresno, CA with sales and service offices in Houston, TX and Jersey City, NJ, and representation with factory authorized and trained sales and service agents worldwide.