Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments’ new TD-500D brochure highlights the portability and simplicity of the TD-500D hand-held oil-in-water monitor that has become the standard of the industry.

The TD-500D is truly portable, low cost, battery powered, and has unparalleled accuracy and repeatability. It is compatible with all known field methods and extraction solvents, making it a simple transition for operators using other methods and devices.

The TD-500D is completely compatible with Turner’s new “no-solvent” oil-in-water method. Please see our website or contact us for more details.

The TD-500D hand-held oil-in-water monitor is used for produced water overboard discharge compliance and heavy industrial applications where oily water contamination is a problem.

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments is the world leader in fluorescence technology for the measurement of hydrocarbons in water and soil. Our customers enjoy the benefits of our extensive field experience, continuous product and method development, and a worldwide distribution and service network.

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