Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments announces their success at Offshore Technology Conference 2009 in Houston. Even with the reduced attendance this year, Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments dominated the conference with the launch of its new TD-500D, no-solvent analysis method.

The new solvent free method for oil in water measurement and analysis, uses inexpensive, fully safe and disposable solutions; our applications lab has developed a field method for oil in water analysis without solvents. It allows analysis to take place in environmentally sensitive areas such as the North Sea that rejects use of solvents.

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments is the industry leader in oil-in-water monitors for continuous on-line, as well as single sample, monitoring. With a reputation for producing highly accurate and reliable instruments through quality design and manufacturing, Turner provides monitors for a wide range of applications for the petroleum, maritime, power generation and clean water industries, as well as other industrial applications where hydrocarbon contamination is an issue.