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Norse Cutting

Mechanical Cutters

Skvadronveien 27,
4050 Sola,

Norse Cutting AS is an industry-leading supplier of speciality services such as mobile cutting machinery, decommissioning of offshore platforms and internal well cutting.

Established in 2015, the company has a team of more than 20 employees, with experience ranging between five and 40 years.

Portable machinery for maintenance at offshore platforms

Norse Cutting offers portable machinery in sizes ranging from 2in to 315in, comprising all flange types such as raised face (RF), compact and ring type joint (RTJ) grooves.

We provide tailor-made solutions for one-off projects, such as wellhead machines and drilling for boring and threading on-site. Key features include OD and ID mounts, portable lathes and milling machinery.

Norse Cutting’s portable milling machines for cutting and weld removal are available in a number of varieties, predominantly in Y and X axes, as well as circular mill. Key features include electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic driven parts, elements that are mounted with magnets, welded or bolted, as well as laser alignment and 3D alignment reports.

Our services within boring and line boring equipment include the capability for machining holes. Our machines range from 1.375in to 314.96in inner diameter (35mm to 2,030mm). We also custom-engineer and build computer numerical control (CNC) machines for larger operations. Key features include electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic driven machinery.

Cutting machinery for topside and subsea operations

Mechanical cutters are available in sizes from 1in to 80in, with larger dimensions provided upon request.

We cut wells internally with abrasive cuttings. Abrasive water jet cutting machines can be used with offshore structures, pipes and all forms of steel and concrete. The machines have powerful cutting capabilities for cold work EX/ATEX, and can cut large areas quickly.

Diamond wire cutting machinery cuts all sizes and can be routed into restricted spaces with ATEX certification. They are easy to install and use a hydraulic operation system.

Other services include:

  • Casing securing for drilling, pinning and lifting
  • Multiple casing cutting, also known as conductor sectioning

Composite repair for pipelines

Composite repair is used for recovering damaged, corroded and eroded pipeline systems.

Norse Cutting is a distributor of Diamond Wrap from Clock Spring Company Inc. Our composite solutions provide several benefits to our clients, such as

  • Carbon pipes capable of withstanding temperatures up to  288°C
  • Pipeline system and civil structure repairs that instantly stop corrosion
  • Quickly installed engineered solutions for high-pressure subsea projects
  • Pipeline life-expectancy to match the field

Engineering tools for offshore operations

Norse Cutting builds and modifies machines for cutting, as well as industrial equipment for use above and below water.

Common machines and equipment that Norse Cutting has built include honing machines for internal repair of sealing well surfaces, subsea cutting tools, modified drills, water cutting manipulators, and pipe/conductor cleaner for large scale dimensions up to 36in.

Norse Cutting provides engineering services such as project management, research and development (R&D), tool modifications, manufacturing of new tools and products, and case/feasibility studies.

Norse Cutting

Skvadronveien 27

4050 Sola