Dafo Fomtec

Dafo Fomtec is an independent Swedish manufacturer of fire fighting foam concentrates and foam equipment. Our product range covers all types of synthetic as well as protein-based foams for all markets.

Dafo Fomtec is a global supplier with customers on all continents and in all market sectors. Our products can be found in use in petrochemical plants, airports, armed forces, ports, offshore, civil defence and many other sectors in over 50 countries. Our global business is supported by a wide range of international approvals such as UL 162, FM, EN 1568, ICAO, ISO, IMO and MOD.

Fire fighting foam

Dafo Fomtec develops and manufactures the following complete range of fire fighting foams:

  • Aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF)
  • Alcohol-resistant aqueous film forming foam (ARC AFFF)
  • Fluorine-free foams
  • High expansion foam
  • Class A (wildfire / forest fire foam)
  • Film forming fluoro protein (FFFP)
  • Alcohol-resistant aqueous film forming fluoro protein (ARC FFFP)
  • Fluoro protein foam (FP)
  • Protein foam (P)

Fire fighting foam equipment

Dafo Fomtec’s range of foam equipment covers the following main product groups:

Dafo Fomtec’s fire fighting foam product range covers all types of synthetic as well as protein-based foams for all markets.
Dafo Fomtec offers aqueous film-foaming foams as well as fluorine-free foams for fire fighting.
Dafo Fomtec’s range of foam equipment includes high expansion generators and storage tank protectors.
Dafo Fomtec has developed a range of innovative products, including the wide range proportioner, which has a flow range of 1-100.
Dafo Fomtec’s in-house R&D allows the company to regularly upgrade its fully documented and certified portfolio of products.
  • Nozzles and branchpipes
  • Monitors
  • Bladdertanks
  • Proportioners and proportioning systems
  • High expansion generators
  • Storage tank protection

High-performance fire fighting foams and equipment

Dafo Fomtec’s aim is to develop high-performance and cost-effective products for our demanding customers. Therefore, we have developed a number of innovative new products such as:

  • 1% alcohol-resistant low viscous ARC AFFF
  • 3% alcohol-resistant low viscous ARC FFFP
  • Enviro, fluorine-free foam
  • Wide range proportioner (WRP) flow range 1-100
  • Between flange inductors (BFZ) in sizes up to 8in
  • Fomtec turbine proportioner skid

Fire fighting foam equipment research and development

Our management team has been holding senior positions in the international oil and gas industry for more than two decades and has a wealth of knowledge to share with our customers. Our ambitious growth plan is supported by in-house R&D, which enables regular additions to, and the upgrading of, our fully documented and certified portfolio.

We are extremely customer oriented and take pride in our quick and competitive response to customer inquiries.