Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is one of the most renowned and widely accepted approvals in the fire industry. It not only tests the foam concentrate with tough fire testing, but also verifies that the concentrate can be proportioned accurately though proprietary inductors and fixed proportioner systems across a wide ambient temperature range. It has also proven to deliver effective foam quality through portable foam-making equipment and fixed foam systems.

Dafo Fomtec announces their latest 4 exciting foam concentrates that pass UL’s rigorous fire and performance testing criteria, adding to their comprehensive UL listed product portfolio:

  • Fomtec ARC 1×3 Ultra AR-AFFF
  • Fomtec ARC 3×3 Ultra AR-AFFF
  • Fomtec ARC 3×6 Ultra AR-AFFF
  • Fomtec ARC 3×3 NV Avalanche AR-FFFP

These latest concentrates represent a significant milestone as they are all C6 fluorotelomer surfactant based formulations, which are considered environmentally responsible. They are non toxic, not bioaccumulative, not developmental toxins and cannot breakdown to PFOA. These products utilise the latest cutting edge chemistry combining leading fire performance and environmentally responsible C6 formulations.

All 4 concentrates are listed for use at 4.1L/min/m2 for hydrocarbon fuels, and 6.15L/min/m2 for alcohol type polar solvent chemicals..
In addition the NV Avalanche AR-FFFP has a low viscosity, enabling minimum storage and proportioning at -6.7°C.

These excellent competitive products begin a new chapter in Dafo Fomtec’s comprehensive foam concentrate line-up to meet your future needs.