Elkhart Brass simplifies operations by integrating pump, valve and monitor control into a single intuitive touchscreen with SafeLink, the most advanced apparatus control technology. Developed in partnership with engine governor experts FRC, SafeLink allows operators to easily manage all components in one central location so firefighters can focus on directing water flow where they need it, keeping everyone safe.

SafeLink provides:

  • Full engine governor controls
  • Multiple valve control and operation
  • Intuitive 24in touchscreen (glove capable operation)
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Durable military spec enclosure
  • EXM technology
  • Live camera feed video display

"The SafeLink system collects data from every valve and monitor on an apparatus and centralizes the information into a single interface, streamlining operations and giving operators ultimate command of water control," said Eric Combs, Elkhart Brass marketing director.

Explore SafeLink’s features and benefits with an interactive demo. Contact us to find out more.