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Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Company, Inc. is the industry’s leading provider of smart solutions for fluid delivery and control. Established in 1902 and well known for its commitment to quality, value, and customer service, Elkhart has the most extensive range of products in the offshore industry, serving multiple markets in over 100 countries.

Elkhart’s products include water cannons, firefighting nozzles, fireground appliances, foam eductors, apparatus valves and fittings, as well as accessories for many of these components.

These products can be found around the world in fire departments, building systems and offshore drilling sites, as well as in military, marine and industrial firefighting applications.

Electric remote-controlled monitor systems

Combining modern technology with years of worldwide experience, Elkhart’s industrial electric remote controlled systems (ERCM) systems are available for many applications, including refineries, chemical plants, offshore platforms, loading docks, nuclear plants, railroad yards and stadiums.

Elkhart Brass is a single-source solution for any hazardous location fire protection situation. From start to finish, Elkhart has expertise in system design, manufacture, programming, certification, testing, commissioning and after-market support. Partnering with Elkhart for your industrial system means your project goes in on schedule, within budget and performs as expected.

Bespoke industrial system design

A complete industrial system may include electric or hydraulic water cannons, master stream nozzles, valves and customized controls. Elkhart has a broad range of these components available. Each system is configured, tailored and programmed to suit your individual requirements.

On-site manufacturing gives Elkhart design and quality control assurance for error-free hardware. All components are designed with durability in mind for years of dependable performance in extreme environments. Water cannons constructed of brass, aluminum or stainless steel are available

Control customization options for fluid control systems

Select from a number of control customization options, specifically provided to meet the unique needs of any application. Control panels are configurable for either local or master (remote) installation.

Control options are available for all system functions, including:

  • Water cannon (up, down, left, right)
  • Nozzle stream pattern (straight steam to fog)
  • Water or foam valve (open/close)
  • Park
  • Oscillate

Touchscreens or select wireless handheld controllers are easily integrated. Redundant control systems boost the product’s safety and reliability.

Communication protocol expertise and selection

Elkhart’s has expertise in multiple control technologies, including Device Net, Canbus, Profibus, Modbus, or IP / TPC.

Ratings and certifications

All system components meet requirements for CE certification (including ATEX), UL listing, NFPA/NEC and NEMA 4. Elkhart’s systems are available for different hazardous location types including Class 1 Division 1 or 2.

Customized fire suppression systems

Take asset protection and team safety to a higher level with Elkhart’s customized fire suppression systems. To learn more and begin working with Elkhart Brass on your asset protection solution, as well as finding real-life case studies, please visit our website or use the enquiry form on this page.

Elkhart maintains a customer commitment to products, people and processes that deliver ease-of-use, performance and satisfaction.

Elkhart Releases Free White Papers on Offshore Technology

Elkhart Brass has released two free white papers on Offshore Technology. The first outlines several case studies where the company's premier fire suppression technology has been successful. The second is a detailed product brochure.

Elkhart Partners With Fire Rescue Safety Australia

Global innovative firefighting and fire protection equipment leader Elkhart Brass has partnered with emergency management solutions specialist Fire Rescue Safety Australia (FRSA) to increase the accessibility of its product portfolio while enhancing customer support throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Elkhart Expands International Sales Team in Europe

Focused on strategically developing product solutions and business development opportunities across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the South Pacific, Elkhart Brass has announced the addition of Dario Chernicoff to the team.

Elkhart Unleashes the COBRA EXM

Elkhart Brass delivers big water in a small package with the COBRA EXM. Smaller, lighter and more affordable than anything in its category, the COBRA EXM allows firefighters to do what they do best - only better.

Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Co., Inc.

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