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Matre Maskin

Firefighting Equipment

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Matre Maskin was established in 1953. We have, from the very beginning, developed products which are tailored to suit the special needs of our customers. We have gained sound experience within the fields of design, construction and machining.

In the late 1980s we started developing equipment for firefighting. This has become our main product, and we are now a major supplier of foam proportioners and deluge nozzles for the oil and gas industry and the marine market. Our products are exported worldwide.

Matre Maskin is an ISO 9001:2000-certified company. All delivered products are of high quality and are verified by full functional tests at our test facility in Norway. Standard material for our foam proportioners is seawater-resistant bronze, but we also deliver proportioners in several types of stainless steel and titanium.

Turbine in-line proportioners

The Matre turbine in-line proportioner is renowned for its reliability. The foam proportioner starts to function as soon as water starts to flow through it. One can choose whether to mix in foam or to send it in return to the foam tank. This represents a substantial cost saving and increased safety.

The proportioner also helps to simplify the firefighting system, as foam pressurising pumps and auxiliary valves can be omitted. The simple and robust construction ensures that the Matre turbine in-line proportioner is practically maintenance free. It is available for 1% and 3% foam mixing. We deliver sizes from 3in to 12in, covering water flow rates from 600l/min to 40,000l/min.

Balanced pressure proportioners

The Matre balanced pressure proportioner inserts foam concentrate into water. The proportioner is a wafer-type mounted between ANSI or DIN flanges in the water line. The foam concentrate is supplied to the proportioner by a foam pump. Standard rates are 1%, 3% or 6%. The insertion rate can easily be changed by replacing the orifice plate in the foam head of the proportioner.

We also have an actuator-operated orifice system, so that the proportioning rate can be changed remotely. The Matre balanced pressure proportioner is DNV-type approved. We deliver sizes from 1.5in to 14in covering water flow rates from 100l/min to 45,000l/min.

Wide-range balanced proportioner

Matre’s wide-range proportioner is a special version of the balanced proportioner, which covers a flow range from 200l/min to 9,000l/min with a single 6in unit. This unit is ideal for a sprinkler system with a high variation in flow. The Matre wide-range proportioner is VdS tested and approved.

Foam inductors for fixed water flow rates

The Matre foam inductor is a foam proportioner for fixed water flow rates. The unit is a venture type and sucks directly from the foam concentrate tank. All units delivered from Matre Maskin are fully flow tested and calibrated. We deliver sizes from 1in to 14in, covering water flow rates from 100l/min to 30,000l/min.

Deck-integrated firefighting system

The Matre pop-up system for helidecks is a deck-integrated firefighting system (DIFFS). The system consists of a foam concentrate tank with a deluge valve and a Matre foam inductor.

The helicopter deck is equipped with several Matre pop-up nozzles, which pop up and cover the deck with a water / foam mixture when activated. This is an affordable and reliable system. A major spill oil fire will be extinguished within 15s after the system is released. The Matre pop-up system for Helidecks is in accordance with CAP 437 regulations.

High-capacity nozzles for firefighting equipment

The Matre flexi nozzle is a high-capacity nozzle with adjustable capacity, spread angle and jet direction. The large models of the nozzle operate as a fixed monitor with water capacity up to 4,000l/min and covering a distance of 60m when in jet position. The Matre flexi nozzle is used on car decks on ferries, tank tops, well head areas, etc.

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5420 Rubbestadneset