Orion Fire Engineering will be exhibiting at OSEA Singapore on 27-29 November 2018.

This year Orion is bringing a number of new products to the show for display, as well as a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of fire engineering.

Hazardous Area Monitors

Orion has been building reliable, corrosion resistant hazardous area monitors for many years and has recently added a new 65mm version to complement its 80,100 and 150mm versions. This new product is suitable for flow rates up to 2,500 litres per minute (lpm).

These monitors feature extremely high up times and are designed for network control.

Orion has also been working hard on the software behind this product, and now offer complete control and setup of the monitor from a web browser. This means that you can commission, operate and maintain the monitor very easily.

Trainable IP66 Monitors

The IP66 monitor range has seen big improvements over the last year, with the introduction of new trainable monitors. These can be trained to replay set movement routines at the touch of a button, reducing the need for operator interaction in a variety of applications. This feature can reduce wasted water for automated fire system design and is very useful for mining and other washdown applications.

As with Hazardous Area Monitors, these monitors are setup and may be controlled via a web browser, with position feedback and operating status as standard.

Items such as valve control are also possible, along with a camera interface to allow viewing of the monitor from remote locations.

Turbine Proportioner

Orion has recently finalised the development of its first Turbine Proportioner, a water driven foam proportioning pump.

This unit provides accurate foam proportioning over a wide flow range using a positive displacement pump.

The proportioner incorporates a test loop which allows for commissioning and testing of the system without the need to inject foam into the water. This prevents foam concentrate being discharged into the environment, as well as saving money by not having to replace foam concentrate and pay for foam solution disposal.

The robust and corrosion resistant Turbine Proportioner works with any foam concentrate

As well as the products mentioned above, Orion has a vast knowledge of fire engineering and product applications that its experts are more than happy to share with you.

Orion will be situated at Stand BQ3-10