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High-Performance Fire Protection Equipment

Orion Fire Engineering manufactures high-performance fire protection equipment.


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Orion Fire Engineering manufactures high-performance fire protection equipment. We have a wide range of products which can be adapted to suit the specific needs of our clients. With over 25 years of experience, we pride ourselves on producing quality products for the offshore industry and continuously improving our technology. We have completed offshore projects in the North Sea, Russia, Asia, Australia, South America and Canada.

Fire protection monitors and nozzles

Our monitors come in a range of sizes, materials and levels of performance, designed to suit any situation or requirement. Our monitors and nozzles are designed with corrosion resistance as one of the primary design goals. In addition, we provide a variety of nozzles that can be used in conjunction with our monitors. Because of this, we can offer superior performance and enhanced reliability.

Our range of monitors is as follows:

  • Ensign series: lightweight portable stainless-steel ground monitors
  • Ranger series: high-capacity monitors designed for marine environments and hazardous areas, available in hand operated, electric or hydraulic remote control varieties
  • Sentinel series: lightweight small-capacity manual monitors made from stainless steel with water oscillating versions manufactured for special applications
  • Warden series: cast bronze medium-capacity deck monitors, designed for marine environments; these are available in hand operated, electric or hydraulic remote control or water oscillating varieties
  • Commando series: stainless-steel monitors similar to the Warden monitors and available in 316 and 6Mo grades

Our available nozzles include:

Sentinel manual monitor.
Warden water oscillating monitor.
Helideck foam proportioning system.
Deluge skid.
  • Fog nozzles: designed for long life in harsh environments with minimal maintenance and the longest possible throw
  • Foam Lord nozzles: high-performance fog nozzles with foam induction capabilities
  • Foam nozzles: aspirating foam nozzles with foam induction capabilities and a very large capacity; they have excellent expansion and drain time characteristics and come with the option for spray deflectors
  • Straight jet water nozzle: our patented flow conditioner allows for superior jet stability and range

Offshore fire-fighting foam proportioning systems

We manufacture quality foam proportioning systems to cater to many kinds of hazards. These are:

  • Line proportioners, made for either portable or fixed systems
  • Bladder tanks, either of horizontal or vertical configuration ranging from 100l to 12,000l capacity
  • Around the pump proportioners, either fixed or variable systems
  • Balanced pressure proportioners and pump units
  • Concentrate storage tanks, made from steel, stainless steel or fibreglass

We build complete foam proportioning skids for both onshore and offshore facilities.

High-performance synthetic fire-fighting foams

We provide a range of high-performance synthetic fire-fighting foams to maximise efficiency. Our AFFF formulations use the latest C6 fluoro-surfactant technology. These products are as follows:

  • Hydrofilm, 1%, 3%, 6% AFFF
  • Polarfilm, 1/3% LV, 3%, 3/6% ARAFFF
  • Polarfilm FF 3/6 fluorine free
  • Hitron, high expansion foam
  • FFFP and FFFP/AR

Deluge skids for the offshore industry

Deluge skids are engineered to meet customer requirements. Skids are designed for a wide range of flows, from one to more than ten valves and for potable water or seawater service. Seawater skids are manufactured in a range of piping materials to suit customer specifications.

Offshore helideck protection equipment

We manufacture a range of products used for helideck protection, including remote controlled and water oscillating monitors, foam hose reels and foam proportioning modules that apply various foam proportioning techniques.

FPS and FPAL registration

In 2012 Orion Fire Engineering officially became a registered member of FPAL (First Point Assessment). In the UK, Dutch and Irish oil and gas Industries, FPAL works to identify, qualify, evaluate and monitor suppliers on behalf of its purchasing members, in order to build and support buyer-supplier communities. FPAL has made Orion a qualified supplier. Our supplier number is 10053215.

Also, in 2013 Orion became a registered member of FPS (First Point Supplybase). FPS is the supplier management system for the oil and gas sector in Australia and New Zealand. Our supplier number is 030715.

Recent exhibitions

Orion Fire Engineering recently exhibited at OSEA2012, the 19th International Oil & Gas Industry Exhibition & Conference. OSEA2012 ran from November 27-30, 2012, in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Orion was also featured in AFAC12, the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council & Bushfire CRC Annual Conference, which ran from August 28-31, 2012, in Perth, Australia. Orion had much success meeting and interacting with individuals, companies and organisations, and our exhibits can be seen in the News section of our website.

Orion will be exhibiting at AOG 2013, the Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference, on February 20-22, 2013, in Perth, Australia. You can find us at Stand U30!

Orion will also be exhibiting at AFAC13 in Melbourne, during the week commencing September 2, 2013. Look for us there!

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