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Morgan Thermal Ceramics

FireMaster® - Lightweight Structural Fire Protection, Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

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Morgan Thermal Ceramics’ FireMaster® fire protection range was specifically designed to meet the structural fire protection needs of the offshore and chemical process industry, offering high performance in fires, with low weight contribution.

FireMaster® 607 flexible, lightweight blanket products are used for bulkhead and deck fire protection in accommodation and process modules, vessel and pipe fire protection, cable tray fire protection and structural steel protection. Systems are available for cellulosic, hydrocarbon and jet fire protection.

FireMaster® products are comprehensively certified and tested to both national and international standards, offering our customers the security of proven fire performance. Supporting worldwide approvals are in-service references from a market that we have served for over 20 years.

FireMaster® products are capable of extended operation at high temperatures. This means our fire protection solutions can be thinner, lighter or simply more cost-effective choices in applications where fire temperatures can reach nearly 1,400°C.

FireMaster® fire protection products

FireMaster® 607 is a range of low biopersistence fibre insulating products consisting of flexible blanket, boards, FireFelt, paper and expanding felt.

FireMaster® Marine Plus blanket is a lighter weight alternative to both standard FireMaster® and alternative mineral wool products offer substantial weight savings and high-temperature fire performance.

FireMaster® FastWrap+® is a foil-enclosed FireMaster® blanket designed for wrapping grease or ventilation ductwork.

FireMaster® FireBarrier is cementitious, spray-applied fire protection for steelwork, process vessel and tunnel fire protection.

Fire safety certification and approvals

FireMaster® products have comprehensive certification from Lloyds Register and DNV for hydrocarbon fire protection applications for fire periods up to four hours. Our website lists the current approval list.

Bulkhead and deck fire protection

The FireMaster® 607 blanket offers key benefits for bulkhead and deck fire protection in accommodation and process modules:

  • Low weight contribution
  • Combined fire, thermal an acoustic insulation
  • Easy and fast to install

Vessel fire protection

FireMaster® vessel fire protection solution offers:

  • Low weight
  • Installation in any ambient temperature
  • Combined fire and thermal insulation for vessel
  • Non-welded fixing system
  • Tested up to three hours in pool fires

Pipe fire protection

FireMaster® blanket is tested for jet fire protection of pipes itself and also in combination with Pittsburgh Corning foamglass.

Structural steel fire protection

Flexible blanket is ideal for wrapping complex structures inside modules and has approvals for both cellulosic and hydrocarbon fire protection.

FireBarrier products are suitable for fire protection of exposed steelwork and vessel skirts in petrochemical refineries.

Cable trays

FireMaster® cable tray systems are factory mutual approved for 30 minute hydrocarbon (UL 1709) fire protection of control cables. The system has also been tested by Mobil Oil for use in their facilities.

Other fire protection applications

  • Fire protection of high-speed passenger and car ferries, cruise ships and mega-yachts
  • Blanket and board materials for fire doors
  • Ductwork fire protection
  • Fire protection of tunnels

Fire, thermal and acoustic insulation

Morgan Thermal Ceramics manufactures a very large range of insulation and refractory products used in almost every industrial sector.

For more information visit the website, where you can obtain details of your nearest fire protection specialist.

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