Huddersfield-based Woodcock & Wilson is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high-quality ATEX-accredited industrial fans.

For over 35 years we have designed and manufactured both centrifugal and axial fans for an extensive range of applications, including heating and ventilation, air pollution control, petro-chemical, offshore and process engineering.

We continually develop and test our products to the highest standards to ensure reliability, and have gained the quality-assured ISO9001: 2000 accreditation to give our customers added peace of mind. All welding is assessed to BS EN 287 and BS EN 288. We are ATEX-certified to manufacture fans for hazardous areas.

ATEX-approved industrial fans

Woodcock & Wilson is a fully third-party-certified manufacturer of ATEX-approved category 2 and 3, gas group II fans. They are designed and manufactured in accordance with ATEX European Standard –BS EN 14986:2007.

Woodcock & Wilson is a leading manufacturer of high-quality ATEX-accredited industrial fans in the UK.
We manufacture ATEX-approved category 2 and 3 gas group II fans.
Our centrifugal fans are designed and built to meet each customer's individual specification.
Our range of axial fans includes the direct-driven axial fan, where the impeller is mounted on the motor shaft.

Centrifugal fans

Woodcock & Wilson manufactures a wide range of centrifugal fans for most industrial applications. Whether you require it for high efficiency, low noise, clean air, handling light dust or large solid particles, you will find a fan to suit your requirements in our extensive range.

Our centrifugal fan impeller designs include backward bladed, backward laminar, backward curved, backward aerofoil, flat backward, forward curved, radial paddle blade, and radial blade high-pressure blowers.

At Woodcock & Wilson, all our centrifugal fans are designed and built to meet each customer’s individual specification.

Axial fans for industrial applications

Woodcock & Wilson manufactures a wide range of axial fans for most applications, including:

  • The direct-driven axial fan, where the impeller is mounted on the motor shaft
  • The belt-driven axial fan
  • The bifurcated fan range, where the motor is completely isolated from the airstream

In addition to our standard fans, we produce bespoke designs to meet the individual requirements of our customers.

Industrial fan service and maintenance

We have been servicing industrial fans for over 35 years, only employing qualified engineers who understand the construction principals of fan manufacturing and design. You can rest assured that whatever type of fan you have we can service and repair it quickly and easily.

Regular servicing ensures your fans run efficiently and reliably, avoiding costly repairs to critical components such as rotating parts. It also avoids any costly lost production time should a fan unexpectedly break down.