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Hydraulic Cylinders and Systems

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Douce-Hydro is an experienced designer and manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders and systems for a wide range of industries, from standard hydraulic cylinders to the most technological or heavy-duty cylinders.

Hydraulic cylinders for the offshore industry

– Available up to 48in bore diameter and 89ft stroke

The offshore industry demands a high level of reliability from the hydraulic cylinders and systems used to sustain the operations of offshore oil rigs and drilling platforms. Douce-Hydro has extensive experience working in this challenging industry, and has successfully delivered many different types of hydraulic cylinders. Douce-Hydro also has a wealth of experience working with the offshore industry’s certifying organisations, including ABS and DNV. Hydraulic equipment we provide for the offshore industry includes:

  • Production and drilling riser cylinders
  • Wireline tensioners with high and low pressure accumulators
  • Direct-acting tensioners
  • Ram / plunger type cylinders
  • Lift-skidding cylinders
  • Knuckle-boom crane cylinders
  • Motion-compensator cylinders
  • Active heave compensators
  • Drill string compensators
  • Vertical lay system cylinders
  • Offshore dredging cylinders
  • Piston accumulators (CE / ASME)

Custom-designed hydraulic cylinders

Douce-Hydro manufactures custom-designed hydraulic cylinders for the offshore industry. Our hydraulic cylinders are appreciated by our customers for their high quality, advanced technology and service lives that exceed 25 years. We can custom-design a huge variety of hydraulic cylinders, whether small, medium or large. These include:

12 direct-acting tensioner cylinders (5,000 kips, DA 560 x 230, stroke 15,240mm) with measuring system and LASERTEK™ rod coating.
White cylinders: 14 wireline riser tensioners (DA 540 x 480, stroke 3,810mm, 250 kips) and HP accumulator (dia. 580, stroke 3,710mm, 980l) and LP accumulator (305l).<br />Red cylinders: four force-equalizer cylinders (SA 170, stroke 1,840mm) and accumulator (55l).
73 production riser tensioners (dia. 260 x 100, stroke 6,403mm) with one LP accumulator (20gal) and two HP accumulators (110gal each), for the Murphy Kikeh project.
BOP elevator telescopic cylinder (650 x 570, 480 x 380, stroke 6,100mm) with METALTEK&#153; rod coating.
Drill-string compensators (1,000 kips, SA 440, stroke 7,000mm) and HP accumulator (1,140l).
  • Single-acting plunger cylinders
  • Double-acting cylinders
  • Double-ended cylinders
  • Submerged cylinders
  • Long-stroke cylinders
  • Large-bore cylinders
  • Heavy-duty cylinders
  • Cylinders for very harsh environmental conditions
  • Stainless-steel cylinders
  • SA or DA telescopic cylinders with constant speed and forces
  • Cylinders equipped with integral pump units
  • Self-locking safety rod systems
  • Low-friction cylinders

Corrosion and abrasion proprietary rod coatings

KERADOUCE® multilayer coating offers a very high corrosion resistance and replaces nickel-chrome.

METALTEK™ is harder than chrome (1,100HV). It replaces chrome, and offers medium corrosion resistance.

LASERTEK™ weld overlay laser cladding is designed for the worst environments, such as in the offshore industry. The coating provides a durable, corrosion-resistant layer, and the core material provides the load-bearing capacity against extremely high contact forces and makes it flexible enough to support functional rod bending. Our LASERTEK™ rod coating meets the recommended qualification requirements from DNV according to the standard ‘DNV guideline for wear and corrosion protection surface materials for offshore piston rods’.

References: Wireline tensioner assemblies

From 2007 to 2010, Douce-Hydro supplied 232 wireline riser tensioner cylinders (120, 225 and 250 kips) equipped with high and low pressure accumulators for the following projects: ORS OffRig Innovator and OffRig Promotor, Saipem 12000, Pride I, II, III and IV, TPM6, TPM7, Lone Star, Gold Star, Norbe 6, Petrobras, Alpha Star, Transocean Drillship I, II and III.

Linear chain jack mooring cylinders

In 2002, for the Thunder Horse project, Douce-Hydro supplied 32 linear chain jack mooring cylinders (395 x 171, stroke 1,612.93mm).

In 2006, for Kikeh Spar in Malaysia, Douce-Hydro supplied 20 linear chain jack tensioner cylinders with transducer (381 x 165.10, stroke 1,333.50mm).

Drilling riser tensioners

For the Murphy Kikeh project (2006-2008), Douce-Hydro supplied 73 production riser tensioners and seven drilling riser tensioners, in addition to one LP accumulator (20gal) and two HP accumulators (110gal each).

For Amerada Hess in West Africa, Douce-Hydro supplied six drilling riser tensioners (136 kips) with HP and LP accumulators.

Further offshore references for hydraulic equipment

  • Crown-mounted compensator assemblies for projects Petrorig 1, 2 and 3, TMT2, TMT3, Udebrecht 1 and 2, Carolina, from 2007 to 2010
  • Direct-acting tensioners for projects Larsen Rig and Seadrill 14 with LASERTEK™ rod coating (2010)
  • Active heave and drill string compensator assemblies for projects Grupo R2 and Seadrill 14 (2010)

Douce-Hydro has many more references available in the offshore industry. The complete reference list is available on our website.

Complete hydraulic systems

Douce-Hydro also provides complete hydraulic systems, including hydraulic cylinders, power units and control panels to fit your specific requirements and ensure optimal efficiency, reliability and long life span. Systems are custom-made to meet your application and needs.

ISO / NFPA standard hydraulic cylinders

Douce-Hydro can also design and manufacture both ISO standard hydraulic cylinders and NFPA type standard hydraulic cylinders. In addition, upon request Douce-Hydro can design and manufacture any type of cylinder following any other existing code. Due to the wide diversity of applications of the different regions in the world and the specific requirements for hydraulic cylinders, many customers have developed their own specialised standards (steel work, marine, OEM, offshore industries, etc.).

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