Douce-Hydro, a company that designs and manages hydraulic systems solutions, is proud to announce that its profile is now online on the website.

Douce-Hydro has been designing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders and systems worldwide since 1950, and this year coincides with its 60th anniversary.

Douce-Hydro has particularly increased its sales over the past ten years in the offshore industry, where high reliability is required for the large variety of hydraulic systems used to sustain the operations of offshore oil rigs and drilling plateforms. Douce-Hydro has extensive experience in working with this challenging industry, and also offers special corrosion-resistant rod coatings such as LASERTEK™.

Douce-Hydro is an experienced designer and manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders and systems for a wide range of industries, from standard hydraulic cylinders to the most technological or heavy-duty cylinders. Douce-Hydro’s manufacturing capabilities are up to 48in bore diameter and 89ft stroke.

Douce-Hydro also has a wealth of experience working with the offshore industry’s certifying organisations, including ABS and DNV. Hydraulic equipment we provide for the offshore industry includes:

  • Production and drilling riser cylinders
  • Wireline tensioners with high and low pressure accumulators
  • Direct-acting tensioners
  • Ram / plunger type cylinders
  • Lift-skidding cylinders
  • Knuckle-boom crane cylinders
  • Motion-compensator cylinders
  • Active heave compensators
  • Drill string compensators
  • Vertical lay system cylinders
  • Offshore dredging cylinders
  • Piston accumulators (CE / ASME)

We invite you to consult our online profile or to visit our website directly.