Made to Measure Compact Pump Module for Yacht Building

Sauer-Danfoss’ PVG valves are well-known for their durability and technological superiority. That is why Hydrauvision has, for many years, been making use of these Sauer-Danfoss products when developing made-to-measure system construction solutions.

Commissioned by a yacht-building client, Hydrauvision succeeded – thanks to the company’s engineering expertise and many years of experience with PVG valves – to develop a compact pump module for yacht building. It was delivered as a ready-to-use, easy-to-build in component.

Easy to build in and fewer leak points
Efficient use of space and light weight are essential factors in yacht building. The made-to-measure pump module consists of a PVG valve with large SAE connectors in the right places. The resulting reduction in piping to an absolute minimum means that very little installation space is needed. In addition, direct connections for pressure transmitters were integrated, reducing the time needed for installation.

Also, there are fewer possible leak points compared to pipe-mounting connections. To avoid unintentional switching during service, a manual valve was built in to allow local switching off of the control pressure. Finally, an electrical 2/2 valve was integrated to minimise the use of control pressure when the PVG is not in use, resulting in energy savings and component reduction.

Hydrauvision assembled this pump module with the valve sections. The client received a ready-to-use component, which could be quickly and easily built in thanks to a minimum of pipe connections.

Versatile specialist in drive technology
Hydrauvision’s main activity consists of the engineering of made-to-measure system construction solutions. The company stands out from the competition thanks to its unique combination of mechanical engineering design and drive technology.

Other spearheads include revision, repair, and service and maintenance. As appointed service center for Sauer-Danfoss, the company also carries out repair and revision activities to hydraulic Sauer-Danfoss products.

Hydrauvision has subsidiaries in Schoondijke, Dordrecht, IJmuiden, Zeebrugge and Ghent.

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