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Complete Hydraulic Systems for the Offshore Industry

Since 1972, IHC Hytop has designed and developed complete hydraulic systems, power packs, manifolds and electrical controls for all applications in the offshore, shipbuilding, dredging, petrochemical and heavy lifting industries.



Since 1972, IHC Hytop has designed and developed complete hydraulic systems, power packs, manifolds and electrical controls for all applications in the offshore, shipbuilding, dredging, petrochemical and heavy lifting industries. As part of IHC Motion Control, consisting of IHC Hytop, IHC Vremac Cylinders and IHC Winches, we are able to offer you a complete hydraulic system, including manifolds, piping, hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic winches.

Our organisation consists of over 100 experienced professionals and has the capacity to deliver complete, large-scale hydraulic installations, as well as providing you with serial production of compact hydraulic systems and equipment. We have the know-how to execute your projects with our basic and detail engineering, and planning and production facilities.

Complete hydraulic systems for the offshore oil and gas industry

IHC Hytop is focused on upstream oil and gas industrial applications, such as hydraulic systems for catenary anchor leg mooring systems (CALM buoys), floating production storage and offloading facilities (FPSO), jack-up platforms, jack-up vessels, and pipe laying vessels.

Innovative hydraulic systems and offshore market applications

IHC Hytop uses its in-house resources for engineering, procurement, construction, installation, and on-site commissioning activities. We deliver complete, large-scale hydraulic installations and hydraulic equipment for turret mooring systems and turret connect systems, buoy pull-in systems and buoy locking systems, hose reeling systems and hawser reeling systems for tandem mooring.

Hydraulic system for offshore applications.
Hydraulic power pack for offshore applications.
Offshore load tension system (OLTS).
Hydraulic flushing units.
24/7 worldwide service by our SCC** qualified service team.

We also produce hydraulic systems for spread mooring systems, jacking systems, cantilever skidding systems, stinger handling systems, stinger uplift compensation systems, stinger shock absorption systems, and special handling systems.

Qualified hydraulic equipment for the offshore industry

IHC Hytop designs electrically-driven hydraulic power packs with installed power to 2MW and above, according to customer specifications and classification requirements. Power packs with or without hydraulic reservoirs, control manifolds, filtration systems, lubrication systems and local control panels can be delivered skid-mounted or completely containerised, even for use in hazardous areas.

Diesel-driven hydraulic power packs offer a proper alternative to electrical hydraulic power packs. IHC Hytop is easily able to provide both one-off and serial production of diesel power packs available in a variety of configurations, such as permanently skid-mounted, or as completely self-contained offshore certified portable units. In addition to high quality, reliability and low maintenance costs, sound attenuation is incorporated in our unit design.

IHC Hytop provides in-house assembly and testing for a wide variety of manifolds. Customer requirements and preferences can easily be incorporated thanks to the latest advanced 3D software. By using DIN and CETOP connection surfaces and cartridges, we can guarantee the use of universal components in the manifold.

Hydraulic rental equipment

Hoisting or lowering without heave influence is possible thanks to our offshore load tension system (OLTS). This is a stand-alone unit for in-line passive heave compensation, equipped with a boost function to decrease hoist speed.

Our single hydraulic flushing units can be used for pipe diameters from 12mm-60mm. When connected together, the flow can be increased to 4,800l/min, or more if required. This means that any pipe diameter can be flushed in accordance with current flushing standards. The flushing unit can also function as a hydraulic power pack for any hydraulic system.

The hydraulic boost unit can be used in combination with our 1,200l/min hydraulic flushing unit, or in combination with a standard hydraulic power pack already available in our hydraulic system. When installed, pipe diameters up to 300mm can be flushed in accordance with the current flushing standards. The boost unit’s software will ensure that all values required to produce flushing reports can be measured and stored.

Hydraulic systems, installation and maintenance

Our worldwide VCA** / SCC** certified service team offers installation, commissioning, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting on-site, all coordinated by qualified servicing staff. IHC Hytop Customer Service can supply brand-independent spare and replacement parts, or genuine brand-name replacements, and repair and overhaul work can be carried out in our own workshops at several locations worldwide.

Quality management systems for products and processes

Our quality management system is certified to EN ISO 9001. All products produced by IHC Hytop are designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards and are certified by recognised authorities such as ABS, DNV and Lloyd’s. We are dedicated to delivering quality products and remain committed to continuously working to take them to a higher level.

IHC Hytop is committed to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner and to continuously improving our environmental performance. By encouraging our employees to take responsibility for health, safety and the environment (HSE), we ensure that HSE considerations are integrated into all our activities.

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