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Electrical Drive Systems

Loher GmbH is a supplier of electrical drive systems encompassing the entire drive train including mechanical, electrical and electronical components. Particular offshore drive products include thruster drives, compressor drives, pump drives, drives for ventilators and drives for cranes and winches.

Loher drives, both in low and high voltage design, are in operation worldwide in the process and petrochemical industries, in elevators and escalators, in mines, in marine applications on ships and subsea. Loher also manufactures for environmentally friendly applications such as generators using wind and water power.


Our fabrication facility is located in Ruhstorf / Rott near the three-river-city of Passau. The factory comprises 100,000m² floor space. Every year about 50,000 motors and 3,000 inverters, mostly in special engineered designs, are produced by 1100 employees. Loher manufacures electric machines and inverters according to recognized quality standards such as ISO 9001. After the products have been supplied and installed, the customer can rely on the Loher after-sales service with about 250 service stations world-wide and a 24 hour-service.

Loher offers motors for the onshore and offshore markets around the world, for instance for hazardous areas on production platforms or car ferries, eg. for the Oseberg installation.
Explosion-proof pole-changing three-phase motor for on-deck installation in deckwater-tight and breaker-tight design, e.g. deep-well pump on a liquid-gas tanker.
Loher DYNAVERT T - AC drive in air- or water-cooled design
with stainless steel water cooling system and modular construction
from 2.2kW up to 3.800kW in 230V, 400V, 500V and 690V.


Loher is one of the very few companies world-wide to offer the complete electrical drive system. We have an almost unique position in our markets to offer the customer our complete knowledge of the electrical and process-related drive technology. All this from one partner.


Loher is proud to look back on more than 110 years’ tradition. We are a medium-sized company, which means that we can assure our customers the highest possible flexibility, together with the in-house capability for tailor-made solutions.


  • Wide range of low- and high-voltage motors and generators with outputs ranging from 0.1 to 8,000kW
  • Frequency inverters from 0.4 to 3,000kW (200 to 950V)
  • Explosion-proof drives (non-sparking, increased safety, flame-proof enclosure, pressurized enclosure)
  • Low-voltage motors and generators of the highest outputs (e.g. for ship drives, inverter drives, wind turbines)
  • Special motors and inverters for drives for conveyor systems (e.g. for elevators, escalators, cranes)
  • Special machines for market niches (e.g. subsea, mining, high temperature applications)

The environment:

  • Saltwater
  • Salty atmosphere
  • High pressure
  • Low temperature
  • Aggressive environment

Our product range for ships and offshore guarantees the highest degree of safety for both humans and equipment due to reliability, experience and design considering each individual application, both for ships and offshore:

  • Thruster drives
  • Compressor drives
  • Pump drives
  • Drives for ventilators
  • Drives for cranes and winches

Traditional oil platforms experience a successive substitution by new technologies. Flexible drilling and pumping systems are allocated to the optimum exploitation period. Low resetting times allow a quick restart of complete systems at other locations. Loher motors operate pumps, multiphase-pumps and compressors directly at the sea bed. Loher drives thus contribute to a system solution of improved economical and ecological standards. Our subsea product range:

  • Subsea drives for multiphase pumps, water reinjection pumps and booster stations
  • Hermetically sealed motors for submerged pump drives for depths of up to 300m
  • Special drives for aggressive mediums


  • Framo Engineering, Norway, for water injection pumps and multiphase pumps for Subsea Booster Stations, e.g. Lufeng, Troll, Topacio, Gulfax A,B; also inverter-fed drives
  • Frank Mohn, Norway, oil-filled motors for platforms and subsea installations driving pumps
  • Kvaerner, Norway, gas-filled motors for subsea installations driving compressors, pressurized motors for platforms driving pumps; also inverter-fed drives
  • Kamewa, Finland, multi-speed motors for on-deck installations driving winches for lifeboats
  • Brunvoll, Norway, internally- and water-cooled motors for below-deck installation driving thrusters