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Offshore Hydraulic Fluid Monitoring and Maintenance Systems

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MERA develops, produces and supplies the market with state-of-the-art hydraulic fluid maintenance systems. Our products give the user a complete live diagnostics and maintenance solution, which in turn gives reduced lifecycle cost (LCC), reduced downtime and holds system limits within the manufacturer’s specification. The products are a direct result from feedback and cooperation with on and offshore operators (topside / subsea), shipping and energy.

As a provider of technical solutions and products to the offshore market, we listen before we deliver. By listening we find out the criteria, which is a foundation for the solution. This has made it possible for us to supply large as well as small offshore customers with the solution they need. The solutions range from large drilling sub-systems to crane, thruster / propulsion fluid maintenance units.

High-pressure filtration skid for DAT / riser tensioning systems

Due to the demands of drilling-rig owners, and operators / contractors regarding uninterrupted and safe operations, MERA has designed and manufactured a high-pressure filtration skid (HPFS) for DAT / riser tensioning systems in operation.

The system has already been commercialised and field-tested with great results and customer payback. The design follows BS-EN, DNV-OS-E101 and relevant ATEX and API directives / guidelines. By using as few sensitive components as possible, the system requires a minimum of maintenance and operator resources. This also means that service can be performed on-site.

All of the process components are mounted in a lift-certified skid for convenient handling and shipping.

Main features and benefits:

  • Single fluid pump eliminates risk of lubricant contaminating system fluid
  • No critical tie-ins (connections) in hard-to-access areas
  • Easy to connect, start-up and operate due to all mechanical design
  • Uses existing HPU / hydraulic-ringline for power-up
  • Twin filter configuration to each cylinder line, high dirt holding capacity
  • Integrated pump and filter by-pass
  • In-operation filling and calibration feature
  • Isolated twin-skid operation
  • No risk of filter component migration
  • Reduced main system LCC
  • Design is compatible with all large drilling equipment manufacturers’ systems
  • Maintain standby circulation to prevent corrosion due to inhibitor additives settling

Hydraulic fluid monitoring and maintenance systems

MERA’s iPACK monitoring and maintenance series are fully automated with an intuitive touch display for operators. Enter the volume and viscosity of the hydraulic system to be maintained, and the unit calculates the flow-rate and time needed. This ensures secure operation and prolonged service intervals.

Indications of parts, filters, etc., which need to be changed, are displayed with the relevant part number. Both series give the user full control to tailor the maintenance in such a way that the different standards ISO, NAS and SAE can be held within the system’s specifications.

iPACK can be applied to systems with a volume from 100l-10,000l. ISOPur BCA™ accomplishes ultra-fine, sub-micron purification while maintaining fluid lubricity, removing water content and having no effect on additive packages.

iPACK is built to be portable, but can easily be modified to be integrated as a fixed sub-system. Due to its high flow capacity, it generates needed circulation for optimised purification. The system can also be used as a drain / fill unit in cases of extended maintenance.

Hydraulic fluid early warning monitoring systems

Online monitoring of hydraulic fluid gives you an on-site real-time read out of the oil condition. We develop a complete log specially adapted for your hydraulic system and provide you with the necessary equipment.

Our early warnings systems (EWS) monitor viscosity, particle count, water and percentage by content. These values give you the possibility to take immediate action and prevent contamination and damage to your hydraulic system. To secure a complete overview of your hydraulic fluid maintenance, we recommend keeping a maintenance log that, as a minimum, records:

  • Dates of fluid sampling
  • Oil analyses results
  • Laboratory results
  • Operating temperature test results
  • pH test results
  • Other inspections or maintenance

This log will help to detect signs of deterioration and can be used to develop a transparent schedule for your oil maintenance.

Contact MERA and provide us with your hydraulic system information and we will develop a complete log specially adapted for your hydraulic system and provide you with the necessary equipment.

Mobile process control processing plant

The µPACK is designed to be a mobile, easy tie-in, full process control processing plant for the treatment of used and new hydraulic and gear oils. Real-time readout of relevant parameters and process values can be used directly on site or communicated.

µPACK presents the perfect solution for critical hydraulic operations where access to new oil is either limited, high cost or the retrieved oil contains a higher level of contamination than recommended from the system manufacturer. After flushing operations on new or modified systems, µPACK can secure the investment / expenses by being used as a commissioning tool.



Sveio, n/a 5550