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Hydraulic Cylinder Design, Manufacture, Repairs and Laser Cladding

Project managers, engineers and contractors in the offshore industry rely on Swanson Industries for total design, new manufacturing, overhauls and repairs to hydraulic cylinders. With US facilities strategically located in Ohio and West Virginia, and South American facilities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Swanson has the flexibility to respond to inquiries and situations anywhere in the Americas – and beyond. 

Knowing our business so thoroughly means that we can take the decisive action needed to keep the job on track and on schedule.

Hydraulic cylinders for the offshore industry

More than 50 years of hydraulic experience combined with in-house seasoned engineers and machinists ensures Swanson Industries’ expertise in designing, building, and testing all hydraulic components to meet or exceed offshore industry standards. We offer the following range of cylinders:

  • Long-stroke large-bore cylinders
  • Motion-compensator cylinders
  • Production and drilling riser cylinders
  • Offshore dredging cylinders
  • Heavy-duty cylinders
  • Cylinders for harsh environments
  • Double-ended cylinders
  • Double-acting cylinders
  • Single-acting plunger cylinders
  • CMC cylinders
  • Wireline tensioner cylinders

Large-bore long-stroke hydraulic cylinders

Swanson Industries is certified to design and manufacture large-bore long-stroke hydraulic cylinders. The firm is accredited by ISO 9001:2008 and the NFPA. Additionally, Swanson Industries’ cylinders are manufactured to comply with engineering standards set by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and DNV.

Swanson Industries' unique laser cladding technology restores worn or damaged hydraulic components, rolls, shafts and gears to prime or working condition.
Cylinder arriving for repair at Swanson Industries Brazil.
Cylinders going through final testing at the North American facility.
New cylinders in production at the North American facility.

The cylinders are available in bore sizes up to 46in, 10,000psi and strokes up to 60ft.

In addition to designing and manufacturing specific cylinders to fit the needs of our customers, Swanson Industries also provides reverse engineering services.

Laser cladding and hydraulic cylinder repair 

Swanson Industries’ unique resurfacing technology restores worn or damaged hydraulic components, rolls, shafts and gears to prime working condition. Swanson’s ISO 9000-registered laser processing leverages high-powered laser and CNC technology to surface-coat components with metal alloys.

Depending on the desired application, Swanson Industries will resurface or ‘clad’ a new or damaged component with a specified alloy – austenitic or martensitic stainless steel, precipitation-hardening stainless steel, or nickel or cobalt-based alloy. This high-density process called ‘laser cladding’ enables rapid heat transfer to metallurgically bond an alloy with specified properties to a component substrate and is performed with 20kW, 12kW and 4kW laser systems, depending on part size. Applications include potential internal diameter repair of cylinders and mechanical gear repair.

This provides the following industry advantages:

  • Selective hardness ranges
  • Various levels of corrosion resistance
  • Matching substrate chemistry
  • Minimal inter-metallic dilution
  • Low heat input
  • Low thermal distortion
  • Narrow heat-affected zone

Swanson Industries puts its unique technology to work in rebuilding, reconditioning, and/or restoring a wide range of hydraulic equipment, including large bore hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, rods, pumps, motors and valves to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.  

Hydraulic cylinder replacement parts

To decrease production downtime and costs to customers, Swanson Industries maintains a wide variety of bar stock and tubing as well as spare replacement and reconditioned parts on-site. This includes an array of replacement rods in varying sizes.

Cylinders with microwave position sensors

Swanson Industries’ long-stroke large-bore cylinders are equipped with microwave position sensors to continuously monitor the stroke location of each piston rod.

About Swanson Industries

Since 1964, Swanson Industries has demonstrated expertise in designing and manufacturing new products; remanufacturing and repairing components; engineering; and distribution of certified products. 

In an increasingly complex and competitive market, Swanson brings the customer appreciable savings in both project time and costs. With a local presence around the US and strategic international manufacturing locations, Swanson Industries provides the resources and on-the-job performance essential for meeting difficult scheduling requirements. 

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