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Offshore Weather Services

Weather Forecasting, Meteorologists and Weather Briefing and Consultation

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Offshore Weather Services employs the latest technology in order to provide the most accurate weather forecasts and the highest standard of service. OWS utilise sophisticated global atmospheric models from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF), the US Navy, the US national weather service, the Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA), the Canadian Meteorological Center and the Bureau of Meteorology (Australia).

OWS provides:

  • Accurate and timely forecasts for the offshore industry
  • 24-hour access to remote or on-location experienced meteorologists who fully understand the offshore industry
  • Detailed weather briefing and consultation with operational personnel during critical operations
  • Demobilisation / mobilisation advice during tropical cyclone threats
  • Consultation during planning stages of your operation, assisting in development of evacuation procedures for tropical cyclone threats and other extreme weather events

Atmospheric and nested-wave models

OWS utilises the latest forecasting technologies and techniques to ensure sophisticated forecast products are delivered in a timely manner to its clients. Global atmospheric models from all major meteorological agencies in the world are used to drive its in-house latest-generation wave model, producing independent wave model outputs for forecast regions worldwide. These regional-wave model data are then used to produce nested-wave models for each shallow-water client area.

Cyclone, squall and severe-weather event tracking

Real-time high-resolution visual, infrared and water-vapour satellite imagery from geostationary satellites is received at the company’s office in Victoria, Australia, where its installed software is used to determine the position and intensity of tropical cyclones, and to track squalls and other severe weather events.

Real-time data is obtained via high-speed data links. This data includes worldwide GTS bulletins, surface weather reports from ships, met-ocean buoys and land stations, upper atmospheric reports, client observations, weather radar returns and polar-orbiting scatterometer imagery depicting ocean wind and wave conditions.

The data is assimilated, plotted and analysed by the experienced meteorologists, giving the most comprehensive picture of the weather affecting the client’s operations. This analysis, together with the forecaster’s experience, is applied to fine-tune the atmospheric model output, giving the most accurate forecasts possible.

Weather forecasts and meteorological support for the offshore industry

OWS provides accurate and timely weather forecasts and meteorological support for the offshore industry. 24-hour access to highly experienced meteorologists who fully understand the offshore industry and weather-related issues within the Asia Pacific region is available.

On-site and dedicated weather forecasters

OWS’ on-site and dedicated weather forecasters are experienced in the offshore industry. Its meteorologists are able to provide detailed briefing and consultation with operations personnel during critical operations, and give evacuation advice during the approach of tropical cyclones.

The company also has meteorological consultants experienced in the establishment of evacuation procedures associated with tropical cyclones and other extreme weather events, produced in conjunction with operators’ staff.

About Offshore Weather Services

Offshore Weather Services was incorporated in Australia in 2002 by a team of forecasters highly experienced in the supply of meteorological support to the Offshore Industry. Each of the senior forecasters has had at least 18 years’ experience in offshore forecasting, and all have been involved as on-site meteorologists in support of exploration and production activities in the Australian and south-east Asian regions.

OWS Mesoscale Modelling Reaps Rewards

Offshore Weather Services has recently utislised its newly developed mesoscale WRF atmospheric model for tracking the development of a tropical cyclone over the southern Gulf of Thailand. With a spatial resolution as low as 2.5nm and the model running every 6hr, this was an ideal tool f

OWS Provides Updated Ensemble Weather Forecasts

Since its initial ensemble forecasts were utilised by a selected number of clients in early 2010, OWS has further developed its suite of global and regional models utilised in its multi-model ensemble forecasts. OWS ensemble products are now based on wind and wave model outputs derived

OWS Offers High Resolution Weather Forecasts

Offshore Weather Services has been running nested mesoscale atmospheric models over the Gulf of Thailand to enhance their weather forecasting services for clients in that region. Offshore Weather Services, with its long experience of weather prediction in the Gulf of Thailand, knows how

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