Polytec R&D Institute is located in the heart of the energy district on the westerly coast of Norway. Polytec R&D Institute was founded back in 1988 and has delivered solutions to the Norwegian oil and gas subsea industry for more than 20 years. As one of a small group of complementary suppliers we can provide our customers with all the answers to their subsea pipeline challenges.

One of our main targets is to convert theory, methods and professional skills into solutions that help our customers’ businesses succeed. Our highly educated team of physicists, mathematicians and chemists continue to push the boundaries of knowledge, and develop tools within our target areas that are more accurate and functional for our customers.

Meteorology and oceanography (MetOcean)

Polytec R&D Institute’s metocean group is specialised in industrial meteorology and oceanography, and delivers MetOcean design basis (MDB) to the oil and gas industry on a regular basis.

An MDB is a detailed analysis of a specific location for planned offshore, or offshore adjacent, operation or construction, and includes extreme analysis and operational analysis covering temperatures, wind, waves, currents, water levels (tidal, storm surge etc.) and more. An MDB is crucial when designing offshore structures and setting windows of marine operation.

Wave diagram produced by Polytec’s metocean team.
Polytec delivers specialised wave forecasting schemes for ships.
Polytec delivers complementary flow assurance services.
CFD simulation of rupture of a subsea CO2 pipeline. Dense phase CO2 inside the pipeline (red colour) is flowing out from a small hole in the pipeline into the seawater.
Simulation of the temperature distribution within a 1,500m-long subsea umbilical. Four layers of the umbilical are rolled onto a large drum and periodic boundary conditions are applied to simplify the calculations.
CFD simulation of the natural convection pattern arising inside a remote welding habitat. The habitat contains argon at a pressure of 100bars and is being heated by infrared radiation.

Polytec R&D Institute also undertakes wave, wind and current analysis for fish farms, helping the industry optimise the location and size of their cage systems.

Polytec R&D Institute delivers specialised wave forecasting schemes for ships including dangerous wave phenomenon.

Flow assurance

Polytec R&D Institute is a complementary supplier within the field of flow assurance. To ensure increased flow capacity of oil and gas from the Norwegian shelf to Europe we have developed world leading expertise about what’s going on outside the pipelines, inside the pipeline and with the pipeline itself.

Polytec has in-depth knowledge about sea floor temperatures and using our state-of-the-art sea floor temperature model we can predict temperature fluctuations over time and distance. Combined with our work improving the flow models of the gas inside the pipes we keep on pushing the flow capacity boundaries for our customers.

Polytec products and services also include leakage detection and modelling, flow simulations, local and global structural analysis of pipelines, damage analysis and pipeline network analysis.

Simulation (CFD) and risk management

Polytec’s CFD team is a highly educated group (PhD or MSc) of individuals with background within the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry and oceanography. We are specialised in multiphysical simulations and have an extensive track record with regards to technology development, optimisation, decision support and risk management.

In our work we use various tools including Ansys, Olga, Pvtsim, Matlab, Ledaflow, Flowmanager, Mathematica, Pipesim and in-house developed products.

Using advanced simulation techniques and software, Polytec can predict what’s going to happen before it happens.

CFD services for maritime applications

Polytec offers advanced flow calculations and CFD related services to the marine sector, including hull design optimisation and simulation of wind, wave and current induced forces on vessels.

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