Viper is the world leading manufacturer of wire rope lubrication products that provides superior protection for wire ropes in the offshore industry and support vessels.

Superior protection for wire ropes

Viper WRL have taken years of experience and knowledge in lubrication processes to design a wire rope lubricator second to none.

Key features / benefits include:

This image clearly shows the Viper Mk II as it would it would look on a rope, featuring in-built handles, stainless-steel clamps, hardware and quick connect lube inlet.
The Viper Mk II features a lightweight, strong aluminium collar with a high-flow lubricant pump, providing effective wire rope lubrication.
The Viper Maxi Mk II WRL lubricate ropes from 50mm up to the largest working ropes in the market.
The above image shows the Viper rope cleaner in position on the rope, ready to remove any residual material from the rope prior to lubricant applicaton.
Viper's rope cleaners come in various sizes and styles.
  • Robust but light aluminium collars with in-built handles make the installation of the Viper an easy process, no matter the location or rope size
  • The specially designed Viper lube pumps ensure full-flow lubricant delivery, no matter the size of rope but with an added flow control to match all in-situ applications, IE: small ropes or slow speeds
  • Our seals are made from a specially formulated polyurethane that provides excellent durability and flexibility, which ensures a positive interface with the rope and enhanced lubricant application
  • Quick connect hoses mean no speciality tools are required for installation

Viper Mk II

Supplied as a complete kit ready for use, the Viper Mk II combines an easy-to-install, lightweight yet strong aluminium collar with a high-flow lubricant pump and our unique seal design to give the most effective wire rope lubrication process possible.

The Mk II is designed to comfortably lubricate ropes from 8mm to 67mm in diameter, meaning one kit matched to the required seals can handle a multiple of rope diameters, thus making the investment much more cost-effective.

Viper Maxi Mk II WRL

Added to the Viper WRL range in the last six months, the Viper Maxi Mk II WRL is designed to lubricate ropes from 50mm up to the largest working ropes in the market today.

Based around the same key lubrication principles that have made the Viper Mk II the product of choice, larger and expensive ropes can now be lubricated quickly, safely and most important of all, effectively using the Maxi Mk II.

Also supplied as a kit, the Maxi still uses a high-strength aluminium collar with in-built handles but offer two different pump options, IE: standard 4.5kg/min and the high-flow 13kg/min unit. The high-flow pump ensures full lubricant application, even on the largest ropes requiring protection.

Viper wire rope cleaners

Viper offers a wide range of Rope Cleaners to enhance the lubrication process by removing old lubricant and contamination from the valleys and outer diameter of the wire rope, prior to it entering the Viper WRL.

The VRCs (Viper Rope Cleaners) come in a range of sizes and styles to suit six and eight-strand, right or left-lay ropes.

Also available are smooth bore rope cleaners, designed for ropes with a larger number of strands and hence minimal valleys and non-rotating type ropes.

Removing old lubricant and/or contamination significantly improves the end lubricant application and will further enhance the long term protection of the rope.

Viper Wire Rope Lubricant

While both the Viper Mk II and Viper Maxi Mk II Wire Rope Lubricators will work with nearly all available lubricants on the market today, Viper also offer an enhanced lubricant as part of our offer.

Viper Penetrating Grease – VPG-0 and Viper Coating Grease- VCG-1, will delivery even more effective rope protection due to their technologically advanced formulation.

  • VPG-0: is a soft, semifluid grease designed to coat wire ropes with a thin protective layer and contains a wear-reducing additive to protects against premature wear and shields against corrosion
  • VCG-1: specifically designed to withstand water washout, protect against corrosion, penetrate and provide extreme pressure protection for winch drums and sheaves, VCG-1 is an ideal choice for tough off-shore and mining applications