Leading process instrumentation provider ABLE is pleased to announce the launch of the innovative new RHE2x series of Coriolis Flow Meter Transmitters from Rheonik.

The RHE26 and RHE27 transmitters are panel mounting units with large LCD displays and intuitive three push button operation.

A USB port is provided and all units are provided with RHECom PC software for quick and easy setup.

The RHE2x series is attractive to both OEM and end-users. For OEM users, low-cost units are available.

End-users can take advantage of advanced application functions such as NET Oil calculation and °BRIX measurement to enhance their metering capabilities.

Highly advanced built-in diagnostics linked to a display colour change system give high confidence in measurement and alert operators to process issues, even from a distance.

RHE2x transmitters offer the following performance and feature enhancements:

  • On-board Assurance View® plain language diagnostics and Assurance Factor® measurement health reporting
  • Colour-changing display
  • Improved mass flow and density measurement capabilities
  • Advanced measurement functions for NET Oil, API° Corrected Volume and standard gas volume
  • Password protection
  • Wide choice of I/O options
  • RHECom PC software package
  • DIN rail mount capabilities

Rheonik has a single purpose: to design and manufacture the very best Coriolis meters available.

Our research and engineering resources are dedicated to finding new and better ways to provide cost-effective accurate mass flow solutions.

ABLE Instruments and Rheonik in partnership: we are The Coriolis Experts.

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